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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Capitol is a Cesspool

Pharmer's extremely low opinion of the federal government and the majority of people within it is further substantiated by the Senate Rejection of Orrin Hatch's amendment to remove abortion funding  from the Baucus  health care legislation.

The repeated refusals of congress to pass amendments which eliminate abortion funding establish that Obama is Lying about excluding abortion in his health care bill.

Pharmer remains convinced that a majority  of  those employed by our federal government in the capitol are extreme perverts.  This is one reason that federal funding for abortion was granted for Washington DC.  It  enables procurement of abortions  for the women and girls, used or abused by members of government, without tracing payment for the abortions back to the malefactors.  The other reason is, in the mind of Dick Durban and others like him, that the population of that city is predominantly Black. 

Our federal government has built up much toxicity, and is in need of a purgative and enema.

Top Discovery at the NSF in 2009

What initially began as routine internal  investigations of possible grant fraud within the National Science Foundation has since been buried in Porn,    The inspector general forcasts a reduction in recoveries from grant-fraud  investigations due to the time spent rooting out an estimated six-fold increase in porn surfing at the agency.  The Washington Times is credited with this exclusive on your tax dollars at wank.

One senior executive has been forced into retirement after the revelation of 331 work days surfing porn and indulging in pink chat with partners in various conditions of undress.  He'll now be able to porn-chat full time on his retirement pension at taxpayer expense.

If you've ever been marveling at the criteria for awarding NSF research grants,  the answer may lie with the heavily distracted agency staff.  The faculties of sound judgment are surely impaired when the blood supply has been diverted away from the cerebral cortex through through unauthorized access to "stimulus packages".

Researchers, those odd responses from the NSF   to your grant applications may have an explanation...........

Norman Hsu gets 24 years

Hillary Clinton's fundraiser, who had earned her effusive praise for his loyalty and support, has been sentenced to 20 years for fraud and 4 more years for breaking campaign finance laws. At Hsu's age of 58, this sentence, if carried out, amounts to throwing away the key.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Health Workers protest the Forced Vaccine Program

Two good reads for you as Pharmer rushes off to work.
The flu shots are said to be mandatory where I work, but I have not gotten one, since I have no patient contact, and am fitted for a filter mask.

Read here about mandatory shots, and HERE about protests occurring in New York over this matter.

Expect more commentary about this long standing and pervasive problem of medical coercion, based upon the assumption that people cannot make behavioral changes to prevent the transmission of disease.

Baron Hill's Arrogance has been turned into a political ad.

Baron Hill to his district 9 Indiana constituents:

"You're not going to tell me how to run my congressional office."

Reprise story of Obama's Safe Schools Czar has gone viral on the net.

The story of former teacher, Kevin Jennings "remembering Brewster" is by no means new. Now that Jennings serves as Safe Schools Czar for the Obama administration, and an audio tape has been uncovered to substantiate the story, the interest is renewed.

Pharmer refers you to the Yid with Lid, who covers the story succinctly, and supplies a link to the audio, as well as to the older story by Warren Throckmorton.

What has gotten everyone nauseated is the knowledge that Mr. Jennings concealed a case of pedophilia (teacher having sex with student) and even encouraged the relationship while he served as a teacher himself, at age 24. Normal people aren't accepting this in their concept of "safe schools".

Docs will Bail on Obama Care

Forty five percent of docs, according to this survey, featured in Investors Business Daily, plan an early "retirement" if Obama care passes. Sixty five percent of physicians find the plan unacceptable. Seventy one percent of them believe that the claims to serve 47 million more beneficiaries at lower cost is wrong.

The fact that these numbers are not 100 percent, demonstrates that many physicians have poor understanding of economic matters.

Founder of Weather Channel plans to Sue Al Gore for Fraud

A group of 30,000 scientists are frustrated by Al Gore's refusal to debate the claim of global warming, and wish to bring thier information to public attention by means of a lawsuit.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Enough Ragging on Sarah Palin

for writing a book with a collaborator.

Sarah made no claims to the contrary. On the other hand, Obama has claimed to have written "Dreams of My Father" himself.

Author Christopher Anderson, in his newly released book "Barack and Michelle" concurs with what WND and others have been saying for a long time.

Bill Ayers wrote it from material supplied by Obama.

A new article appears today at WND elaborating on Jack Cashill's long investigation of what is called Obama's "Milli Vanilli Moment".

Fox was ordered to stop showing this news story

Drudge flashed it, and it's everywhere, including here.

Illinois is in the dumpster, and Chicagoans are not in the mood to be supplanted (at deflated compensation rates) from their homes to make way for the Olympics, nor pay the bills in the aftermath.

FOX VIDEO: 'Chicagoans for Rio': Not Everyone in Illinois Wants the 2016 Olympics

Here's the website, Chicagoans for Rio and I bet today their little server will be swamped.

one more time around

1934 Chicago Tribune

click on image to see one big enough to read

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More time for Indoctrination

Obamanator wants to brain wash your kids more thoroughly.

A good number of maniacs believe that the answer to the education problem in America is to expose your kids to incompetent teachers for more days per year.

Pharmer KNOWS, that summer vacation, before the heavy emphasis on group activities, was key to the inventiveness and creativity of Americans. It was the time for kids to make their own fun, and build things.

Education is important if the kids are taught how to think in an organized way, not WHAT to think. The HOW business can be imparted in a few hours per day, for maybe half of the year.
The rest of the wasted time spent at most schools is for lining up, learning herd mentality, and learning what can't be done. This stifles the human drive towards discovery and invention. The stifling is what Obama wants to increase. Scroll down to the Obama Praise song for more of what he has in mind. The excuse for sequestering your kids longer is that you will be working 12 hours per day, six days per week to pay your taxes, and will need the government to babysit and feed your kids.

Fortunately, Obama can't afford what he has in mind. Help him to realize this with your tax strategies if possible. These plans need to be broken as fast as possible.

Merkel wins in Germany

And this new governmental mix (a good deal different than the last one, is talking about the rational solution to a sagging economy: Tax Cuts. Seems her new partners, the Free Democrats, want more aggressive tax relief. There's also agreement not to shut down the nuclear power plants, until a viable replacement energy is in place.

Happy Sunday

Listen up......... this song Rocks.
It might even make you wanna turn Catholic. ;-)
It's also cool for anyone with eyes and ears for the Creator.

And if you like it a lot you can go here and buy it up, just to keep Matt Maher pumping out more music. It's a good capitalist thing to do.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Netanyahu's Speech at the UN

The UN is such a travesty now, that its buildings should not be permitted on US Soil.

Prime Minister Netanyahu points out the degeneration of the UN in this speech. He holds up physical evidence that Ahmadinejad is completely Loony and should not be legitimized on the world stage.

Part 1 of the speech is here, and viewing on youtube will lead you to the remaining 3 parts.

More on Census Worker Hung in KY

We've been hearing news spin attempting to downplay the hanging death of a census worker in KY. There are suggestions that it might have been suicide, and that it might be drug related, and not based upon the man's job functions.

Here's the latest from My Way, affirming that the word "Fed" was written on Mr Sparkman's chest with a felt tip pen. He died by asphyxiation, but at the time he was found, it is said that his feet were touching the ground.

As expected, the Washington Times supplies the coverage that few other news sources would.
There's an interview with a Fairfield, Ohio man who was among a group of relatives who first discovered the body of Mr. Sparks. He remains convinced that the death is a homicide. The victim was found hanging naked, with duct tape restraints, taped over his eyes and his census worker tag taped to his neck. The victim's truck was nearby with his clothes in the bed.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pretty Scary

Brainwashing the kids to Praise Obama . Imagine them in a few years, turning in their parents for opposing the government. Orwellian to the max.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

IRS divorces ACORN

The IRS will no longer include ACORN it it's volunteer tax assistance program, which has offered advice to millions of low and moderate income families. Perhaps there are concerns about the kinds of tax advice offered by the ACORN employees.....

ACORN has filed suit against the filmmakers whose work has fueled their current financial and social woes. Cited in the suit are the Baltimore office workers' emotional distress, damage to reputations, and feeling of being prisoners in their own homes.

Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe are on record for having previously welcomed the prospect of lawsuits in order to bring out more unsavory details about Acorn in the discovery process.

Here's a newspiece on the birth of the ACORN films

Apparent Expression of Extreme Anti Government Feeling

A U.S. Census worker has been found hanged in a remote part of Daniel Boone Forest in Clay County Kentucky on Sept 13. The word "Fed" was scrawled on the deceased man's chest. Census work in this rural county has been suspended.

More detail here and HERE

Pharmer, of course has a religious restriction against this form of anti-government protest, as with all other forms of murder.

The idea that this killing is such an expression comes from fresh memories of the fatalities resulting from the ice storm disaster in rural KY, and the lack of response from the Federal government.

Very Productive: Grandma has 1400 descendants at the time of her death

Rachel and Yitsik Kreshevsky, of the Orthodox Haredi community in Jeruselem, were married when Rachel was 19, and produced 7 sons and 4 daughters. Their kids, in turn, got busy and made 150 grandchildren, who in turn got busier and made a thousand great grandchildren. With the appearance of a few hundred great great grandchildren, the total number of progeny from this couple surpassed 1400 by the time of Rachel's death at age 99. Rachel was recognized in the community as a God fearing woman, with devotion to helping the unfortunate, and with, what was necessarily encyclopedic knowledge of her family relations.

Hats off to this whole family for their productivity!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Your Teacher's Union Dollars at Work for ACORN

A total of 1.3 million has been funneled from forced teacher's union dues for the support of ACORN since 2005.

The AFL-CIO teacher's union of New York is the big contributor, with that Brooklyn ACORN office, made famous for its support of child sex slavery being a most significant beneficiary. The National Education Association is also responsible for 300 thousand dollars of the contributions, some of it also to the Brooklyn office.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

NEA funds to Artists who promote Obama's Agenda

Big Hollywood brought us this report, since one of their own, Patrick Courrielche was invited to the conference call which touched off this scandal.

What's the problem??? In addition to ACORN, more of your tax dollars went to fund those artists who are willing to expend energy to promote the values of the Obama administration (government takeover of the economy, that is).

Yosi Sargant, the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) director of communications who initiated the conference call, then later lied about it, has since been reassigned, without explanation.

Keep your eyes on this ball, to see where it bounces.

While the NEA payoff money involved is peanuts compared to that which was burned in the ACORN scandal, it's still a very illegal use of taxpayer funds, and another malfeasance of the kind that would have gotten any Republican in deep doo doo.

Tax funded Choir for Obama

Yes!! A newspaper bailout!!!

We don't want to look at that media anymore, but Obama is open to taking our tax dollars to keep the Praise Obama Hallelujah CHOIR afloat!

Type a comment below if you're at all surprised to hear this news.

The positive side of this is that the more Obama continues to behave as an insane fascist dictator, the better our chances of cleaning house and senate in 2010.

Knew this would happen....

A number of people have heard Pharmer complaining about this in advance:
Chasing the H1N1 influenza vaccine would divert attention from formulating a decent vaccine in sufficient quantity to address the usual permutations of flu viruses which spread during the fall and winter months.

Specifically on the blog are requests not to panic, allow the swine flu scare to divert attention from more significant things, and to take into account the risk vs benefit of flu vaccines.

The government is handling the vaccines, and is on spot with another failure as usual.

There is a flu vaccine shortage at our hospitals, and nationally. Also the specific H1N1 flu vaccine yet to be made available, and there is no solid knowledge as to its proper usage or efficacy.

The people who turned Washington DC into a trash pit at the inauguration of Obama, want this the government in charge of the rest of health care, because ......

perhaps because failure is a regular, familiar, and comfortable part of their lives ?????

PFLI memory division recalls the 1976 flu scare and vaccine program which was associated with an uptick in the incidence of Gullain Barre syndrome.

1)Keep your hands off of your face, wash them appropriately, and don't spazz out.

2)It is not polite or appropriate to sneeze on Kathleen Sebelius, although it is tempting.

3)Behave myself ;-)

On Andrew Breitbart

At first, Pharmer noticed that was covering stories that were verboten in other news venues. And so there were repeat visits to this news portal.

Later the Big Hollywood, and lastly the Big Government sites appeared.

Washington Times features the creator, Andrew Breitbart this week, and of course he's a conservative. (That's why those forbidden news topics were being carried at his sites).

Good readers, you have some more good news sites to surf after throwing away most major newspapers and magazines. I would recommend hanging on to a few, such as WSJ, NY POST, Wash. Times, because you can find things there which are forbidden in Obama-press.

One more plug for Washington Times. This is the first of major newspapers which had reporters with enough brains to understand the medical issue I brought to the media, and write correctly and succinctly on the medical facts in the initial article. I remain impressed with the quality of writing done for that paper.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama has tied himself in knots

Jill Stanek explains that the stem cell recipient, exemplified in a recent Obama speech to the joint session of congress, did not die due to a lack of insurance. He in fact got the ADULT stem cell transplant, and lived for another four years.

His insurance was reinstated very quickly after having been rescinded, and he received treatment as planned.

However...... Remember that Obama has RESCINDED funding for the ADULT stem cell research which served to prolong this patient's life, in favor of the embryonic stem cell research, which has been remarkably unsuccessful thus far.

Poland and Czechoslovakia are NOT pleased

that Obama has scrapped the Bush plan for a long range missile DEFENSE system for Eastern Europe.

Reminds those liberals, who style themselves as anti-war, that this was a DEFENSE system, as they remain very confused regarding this. The purpose of the system was to shoot.... down.... missiles which had been launched into Eastern Europe.

Removing it, as the Eastern European nations know, is pretty much an invitation for Russia to begin rebuilding the USSR. Rather than a defense against Iran (the nominal purpose of the system) these nations saw it as a more general means to prevent assimilation into the increasingly ambitious Russian sphere.

Obama appears to think he has inside knowledge that Iran only wants short range missiles and this is his justification for the change in strategic plans.

Hillary sez, this is a decision about Iran, not Russia. (Russia seems to have disappeared off her map.)

Delayed Response from AP

After Everyone already knew, and Pelosi finally found out, the AP had to mention that the house has joined the Senate in defunding ACORN.

The amendment was attached to a student funding bill, which got a 345 to 75 vote.

All 75 votes opposing this bill belonged to Democrats, (those to whom child sex slavery is not a sufficient embarrassment to deny funding to the enabling ACORN organization).

Two of the more amusing interviews occurring between the senate and house votes were of Charlie Gibson and Nancy Pelosi, neither of whom had any idea of the senate vote. Gibson was mocked for his response, that he was purposely oblivious of events as he was sailing off the coast of Maine.

(Pharmer memory division dredges up the Palin interview with that Gibson, in which she was castigated for not knowing about a fictitious "Bush doctrine".)

Congress seemed to be in a pretty big hurry to dump ACORN overboard. Obama's response is eagerly awaited. Certainly with his strong ties to ACORN, he is not in an easy position right now.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chris Dodd May Face Wrestling Exec in 2010

Linda McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment has resigned her position as CEO in order to seek the republican nomination to run against Connecticut senator, Chris Dodd.

Due to his involvement in the Banking Disaster, and his overall corruption, Dodd is seen as one of the most vulnerable Democrat incumbents in the next election.

There's expected to be a bit of mud wrestling among a field of four Republican candidates in the primary. McMahon will run against former U.S. Rep. Rob Simmons, state Sen. Sam Caligiuri and former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley.

This could be one of the more interesting races to watch. McMahon has not been in politics before, and the Jesse Ventura phenomenon in Minnesota comes to mind.

UN Announces the Problem they've Been Promoting


Be afraid of the three quarter million pedophiles prowling the internet, sez a UN report.

Meanwhile, the UN promotes the so called family planning policies which facilitate the abuse of women and minors throughout the world.

Yes, the UN really places high value on organizations such as Planned Parenthood,....... a long time facilitator of child sexual abuse.

Obama, This One is TOO BIG to Abort!

Thanks to the Naked Emperor News for this special Gem in which Obama assures ACORN acolytes that they will have input and shape the agenda of his presidency. This is NOT a recent video. It was created to explain that Obama's complaints about the banking crisis really should have been complaints about his own past liberal agenda, to force banks to make bad loans. Obama served as both employee (lawyer) and employer (Citzen Services to get out the vote) of ACORN.

In the light of this past week,.... with the exposure of ACORN's actual standards of community reorganization, this video takes on additional meaning.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

There's No Morning After Pill for This

but I bet the Obama Administration wishes there were, as they try to distance themselves from ACORN, and blubber inanities about "accountability".

Press Secretary Gibbs says that he hasn't discussed the idea of a divorce between the Obamite party (former Democrat party) and ACORN with the anointed one, as of yet.

The Lefty media is in a state of complete paralysis, regarding this gigantic scandal which reaches right into the Oval office.

Hannity Grabs up theSan Diego Sting

Number FIVE.... Team O'Keefe and Giles beating ACORN to a pulp

San Bernadino ACORN Sting videos part 2 and 3 from Veritas Visuals

More video from team O'Keefe and Giles. Pharmer is linking this as it appears (and in between the real life jobs and family business.) Some are calling this the rebirth of journalism. It's an absolute thrill to see.

Part Three

Part Three:

Girl Talk with Tresa Kaelke

the shop talk of working girls....... ACORN sting San Bernadino. This video had 13 views on Youtube at the time of linking it here.

Hannah Giles is a star.

O'Keefe and Giles head to ACORN San Bernadino

and catch a real live wire in that office........ who revealed that she killed her ex husband, among many other fascinating details that might have put off employers other than ACORN.

Fourth in the ACORN expose series from Veritas Visuals

Bigger and Badder

The White House has more than 333,000 fans on Facebook, sez the Washington Times.

Sarah Palin has waaaaaaaaay more   ;-)  and that's understandable.

Pharmer is  just fishing  for another email from her  buddy, David Axelrod. 

Monday, September 14, 2009

Senate vote to Cut Off ACORN housing funds

 Screaming headlines in Red are up now on the Drudgereport.

The Johann's amendment #2355 to   HR   3288  was accepted by  83-7 vote.

Ummmm,,  Acorn,  that would be an overwhelming majority.

Apparently shining the light on the nasty habit of fostering child sex slavery has caused some embarrassment, and the Senate no longer feels comfortable handing Billions of Tax Dollars to ACORN.

Now,  Senators and  Representatives............and  you know which ones you are...... it's time for you personally to clean up and stop going after the kiddies yourselves.   This goes for the rest of  the pervs within the judiciary and executive branches also. 

Congratulations to James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, who are are rocketing to stardom.

Good for you!!  It's crazy stuff to get sudden recognition world-wide.   My prayers are for you to manage it well for a lifetime of success.   You deserve that for your creativity and courage.

Extra link on the Brooklyn ACORN sting.

Acorn officials claimed Giles and O'Keefe fished their offices for months and failed

soooooooo  the two journalists went to New York, and Here You Are!!!

Part one

and Part two

How many more videos are are in production?   Only Veritas Visuals knows.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009



Tea Party video links.

Time lapse video of the Washington DC Teaparty.

Tea Party Highlights

First of Warrenroche's 18 video series, just like being there.

Crowd drowns out CNN reporter.

End of Tea Party in the video below.  LOOK down at the grass !! It's clean. Almost ZERO sign of the huge crowd.


Look at the way the Obama supporters left the mall after his coronation!

photo from Associated Press
There is a fundamental difference between Obama's supporters and those who oppose him.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

9-12 TeaParty

courtesy of the Daily Mail, UK.

Estimated 2 million real working Americans took time from jobs and families to get to Washington DC for this teaparty. TAXPAYERS are angry with their government.

Pharmer is there in spirit..... and heading back to the job right now. Health care means working weekends and holidays.

More on James O'Keefe

The Memory Division at has gathered James O'Keefe's prior film experience with Live Action Films (the Lila Rose group).

He's stung Planned Parenthood, getting them to accept contributions to abort Black babies , and obtained condoms "for an orgy" from health center at UCLA.

You're gonna have to dye your hair now, James, but you're too young for the Pelosi-Kerry Botox transformer.

You can see the 9-12 rally in Washington DC on Trafficland this morning.

This is major pedestrian traffic!

Party hard, Patriots!

Not just a Fluke, This is the Real Acorn

The intrepid journalists, James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles, produced a video from a second sting of a Washington DC ACORN office, in which the same technique used in Baltimore was employed to produce a very similar result.

This result include the firings of two additional ACORN employees. How IS that hope and change, ladies???

Amid this latest scandal, and among many others involving voter fraud and other illegal activities, the U.S. Census bureau has divorced ACORN. Apparently difference are irreconcilable. ;-). The stated reason is a concern that ACORN has such a bad reputation among Americans that the census results might be tainted if ACORN workers are utilized.

Veritas Visuals presents:

Friday, September 11, 2009

Catholic Institutions Heading Down the Tubes in Canada

(with  a good number of U.S. Catholic Institutions are rapidly following.)
Read about a lecturer in religious education at St Thomas University in Fredericton,New Brunswick, Canada, who has begun serving as a clinic escort at a Morganthaler abortion clinic.

Sarah Blasted Obama's address to Congress on Health Care

Right HERE

And, noticing a pattern, I left Gov. Palin a little message:

"Sarah, this is beginning to resemble the Pavlov's Dogs experiment. You ring the bell on facebook, Obama BARKS a retort which fails to address the issue at hand, while his minions drool. Yup......... a conditioned response."

Ladies, Did ACORN Throw You Under the Bus???

While at the same time complaining that the video is false and defamatory, ACORN officials have fired the two women involved.

That makes about as much sense as Obama's health care claims, including the 17 million uninsured who disappeared between July and speech to congress this week. Yep, it used to be 47 million uninsured, and now it's 30 million. MAGIC.

Acorn and Obama are both Magical, and not subject to the usual behavioral restrictions which constrain the rest of us.

Back to those two Acorn ladies who were thrown under the bus...... think they will accept and be content with their CHANGE?

Pro- life activist shot and killed in Owosso Michigan

A pro-life protester who was well known for outdoor displays of large signs near the Owosso high school was shot and killed Thurs AM. A suspect has been taken into custody. A second murder occurring this same morning is also being investigated. Neither victim's identity has been released to the public at the time of this writing.

Update from Steven Ertelt with possible ID of the shooting victim.

Update from Life Site News which identifies the victim as James Puillion, and elderly gentleman, known in his community as the "abortion sign guy". Pastor Matt Trehella of Missionaries to the Preborn described Mr. Puillion as a "selfless, soft-spoken, kind-hearted man. All who knew him, knew this", and asks for prayers for the family.

Police confirm that the murders are related, that Mr. Puillion was targeted intentionally, but the motive is not yet given.

Image from Missionaries for the Preborn shows James Puillion (seated) during a prolife protest.

Update - quality reporting from the Washington Times

Update- Police state that murderer was offended by Puillion's protest activity.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACORN advises prostitute on money laundering for political campaign fund

See it yourself on Youtube. Two videos show investigators posing as prostitute and future congressional candidate at an ACORN office in Baltimore. They obtain advice on trafficking sex slaves, (underage girls), tax filing, residency, how to handle a pimp, and how to launder the money for a congressional campaign fund.
Thanks McNorman, and veritasvisuals Meet the two investigative journalists here.

Note: These lefties at ACORN apparently think that using underage girls as sex slaves is OK and they actively assist the process. If you're interested in equal rights for women, what do you think of the billions that ACORN is promised from your tax dollars, by the Obama administration?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama White House: Women incapable of writing on complex issues, or........

like Blacks, they are not permitted to be conservative.... or both.

The Politico informs us that an unnamed White House senior official expressed doubt of Palin's ability to write her own stuff or consider the complexities of health care.

We do know that the leftists abuse and assault Black conservatives, and the same could be expected for women. Perhaps there are three reasons for the tenor of the Whitehouse in disrespecting Palin.
It could be simply the traditional Leftist practice of abusing women, seen among so many of the leaders and acolytes, or it could be due to the cultural upbringing of the president. (From a feminist standpoint, the social status of a Muslim woman is not to be envied.) Lastly, there is the possibility that Obama's envy of Palin's ability to speak extemporaneously and without a teleprompter drives this maltreatment.

Don't look for any increase in respect for women under the new health care regime either.

But for now, the face of Obama's white house shows disrespect for Palin and all women, while behind the scenes it issues spin and talking points to counter each statement put out by the former Alaskan governor.

Kids are a problem, but divorce is OK.

This is why preventing kids from being born is the leftist solution to weather changes.

Not that we have much to do with weather changes, but  notice that stuffing the women full of hormones and* aborting is the favored method of reducing human consumption of  resources,  but there's no mention of the obvious duplication and waste of resources (as well as poverty)  caused by divorce.

This is because leftists don't dislike divorce as much as they dislike children.

* The word "and" is used because you can't find a study showing that contraception reduces overall demand for abortion, however you can find studies indicating the opposite.

Hope and Change and Unity

Remember all that crap you heard during the campaign?

Also, why aren't you hearing about the republican contribution or alternatives to the current Obamacare plan?
Obama has shut them completely out since April, that's why.

Republicans'  offer to contribute to the health care discussion was met with a letter that stated that the dems have health care reform under control. 

Doesn't look like that from here  ;-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On Obama's Speech to the Kids

Obama's reach into the schools bypassed the elected local officials of the school boards, and the state educational authorities, in order to cozy up to our kids. The speech was transmitted directly to principals and teachers, not to the elected officials to whom they would usually defer concerning what is presented in the schools.
That would be problem number one. 

Problem number two:  What remained in the speech after the grassroots wave of criticism does not correspond to Obama's beliefs.  His entire agenda, personal behavior, and past writings do not coincide with this hastily composed call to personal responsibility.  On the surface, the speech seems pretty normal, if not juxtaposed with the rest of Obama's life.

There are more problems, but you've probably heard enough by now.......

Health care from the UK with Love

You'll be seeing more headlines like this, here in the U.S.. after Obamacare is in place, so read a nice collection from the UK Telegraph, and get used to it.

Daughter claims father wrongly placed on controversial NHS end of life scheme

Patients 'sentenced to death' on the NHS

Almost 4,000 women 'forced to give birth outside maternity wards'

Healthcare trusts 'not paying for Nice approved drugs'

New rules on drugs will not increase access for terminally ill: expert

Private companies could get access to millions of NHS medical records

Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama's Green Jobs Advisor, Van Jones Quits

It seems that the Czar word has lost favor, so we'll say Green Jobs Adviser.

Van Jones, the former "Color of Change" activist, 9-11 truther by association, and "republicans are @-holes" orator, has consented to be flattened under Obama's bus, after being jettisoned, oops, resigning, from his environmentally friendly advisory post.

Silence from the Obamatron media, so have a nice read here.

Another Case for the Supreme Court

A New Hampshire homeschooler is ordered to attend public school. This is justified by a supposed need to be "socialized". Possibly the courts felt that the girl needed to know more about "taking care down there" or perhaps material from other similar government funded programs.

Celebrating Get the Unions Off of Your Back Day

Happy Labor Day, and remember to do what you can to get the unions off your back.

Unions used to be good for something way back when the labor force was in need of more humane work conditions. Now Unions are good for dismantling industry, destroying healthcare and the very fabric of the nation, as well as spending dues on the leadership, and on political candidates whom their constituency wouldn't have supported if they were paying attention to politics.

The current erosion of democrat support is due an awakening of the American Producers to the realities of their tax dollars being used to remove their liberty. This is why Obama's numbers, in 9 short months have entered the territory of Gerald Ford after Watergate.

I see a lot of craftsmen and real working people at the tea parties now. This is the grass roots movement that the Obamatrons call the Mob (to call attention from their own mobsters for hire, beating our tea partiers up).

It's time for America's real workers to realize, like Reagan, that the democrat party has left us normal people behind. The new party might be the Republicans, (but only after a series of colonic scrubs and enemas) or maybe the Libertarians or a Producer's party, designed to look after the interests of people who DO SOMETHING USEFUL FOR A LIVING.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

On Shamanism vs. Hoping in God's Mercy

There are people who practice their religion at the level of shamanism. These are the ones whose vision of the Deity is of One who might fulfill requests if certain favors are proffered, or incantations and rituals are performed.
Ted Kennedy's faith appeared to have been at that level, though he claimed to be Catholic. I believe that many of his own family are thinking at that level, as evidenced by the funeral mass, and their request for God to grant them Obamacare, in the name of Kennedy.

This probably puzzles the rest of practicing Jews and Christians, who understand that God has moral expectations, for us to live according to his design for humans. Our sincere attempt to adhere to this design is demonstration of our recognition of God and belief in His benevolence. Ultimately we rely on God's mercy and love for his created beings.

Ted's letter to Pope Benedict calls to mind the New Testament story (Luke 18:9-14) of that Pharisee enumerating his good works, and the tax collector...

It's a good thing for Ted that Catholics have the purgatory holding tank, or that boy would be flushed! ;-) ;-)

Ted is really lucky that I'm not "partners with God in matters of life and death", as Obamanator thinks he is... hehhehheh...

Through all the mental meandering and evil humor, there remains the ultimate recognition that God determines these matters, and His standards are certainly different and more merciful than mine.

Hilarious Jason Mattera video - undercover at a leftist obamacare rally.
Someone identified the elderly interviewee as Patch Adams. Apparently that ol clown has gone leftie. He mentioned that he makes millions and lives under the veil of a non profit.
How do all these rich leftists find the best ways to skip out of the taxes with which they want to burden us??

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Those Messy Disabled People are Too Loud

Pharmer thinks there are people who don't want to even SEE disabled people, or those with debilitating illness, and that Tony Delamothe, asst. editor of the BMJ, is likely one of them.

Priceless Tony quote:

The debate on assisted dying has been hijacked by disabled people who want to live. It needs to be reclaimed for terminally ill people who want to die

Take a look at his editorial in said medical journal HERE.

There is a drive to inculcate the duty to die among those who have become disabled or terminally ill. This is a necessary accompaniment to centralized health care, and the need for the very inefficient government bureaucracy to reduce health services in order to feed and sustain the government structure which controls the health care system.

"do you deserve a legal conscience clause?" by Jeffrey Weiss

Sometimes projects evolve as they proceed, and mutate into something else entirely by the time they're finished.
Sometimes a project director even forgets the original project by the time it is finished, and this certainly seems to be the case with Politics Daily reporter, Jeffrey Weiss.

On this blog you can see the original questions sent out by Mr. Weiss to me, and apparently other prolife people, although with one individual, a "conversation" was said to have taken place.

Visit this link to see the actual email questions from Mr. Weiss, then compare to the article he wrote in Politics Today. It will reveal a good deal about life with the media if you do this. I've set those links to spring up in different tabs for you to flip back and forth and compare fairly easily.

One interesting thing is to see that the project evolved in his mind (apparently after design of these emails) to a general question of what things should be covered by legal conscience protection, instead of why should abortion be the only thing covered by conscience protection.

Note also that in the original email, Mr. Weiss showed a lack of awareness of the other conscience protections existing in law.
He apparently learned from me, and perhaps others, that the military respects conscientious objectors, for example.

Also, note the issue of Federal protection addressed in the original email, as distinguished from local protections.

And most importantly, note that Mr. Weiss doesn't want to tell you that, although Obama is promising robust conscience protections, he has delivered none, In fact, Obama began his term by announcing intent to rescind the executive order by President Bush. Bush's order had put some teeth in the existing federal conscience laws by tying adherence to federal funding. Formerly those laws were to be enforced only by civil lawsuits brought by unemployed health care professionals. (Think about that for a second or two...) Obama's recission returns the conscience laws to that nearly unenforceable status.

This is probably enough info for inquiring minds to see behind the above titled article. The remaining religiously inclined Obama supporters will continue to see what they want to see until all the religiously affiliated health care institutions are closed down.

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