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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ted Kennedy

I guess one might say that Ted worked hard, but unfortunately his work product was not good for our country overall, nor was his poor treatment of women anything to be emulated.
Getting along in the world of politics necessitates getting along with the Kennedys.
The Pope remains publicly silent.
The democrats will use the passing of Kennedy to sell the health care bills.
This feminist will use the passing to remind people that women should not be maltreated in the way that the Kennedys have historically done, nor should they accept the new abuse to be heaped on them from Obama-care and many other leftist policies.

GQ feature from 1990

Michael Kelly wrote a feature article on Ted Kennedy in 1990 which is worth a look.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Plan B has poor effectiveness. Promoters sell it anyway.

Jill Stanek catches them again....

Startling admissions from the promoters of Plan B emergency birth control. This over the counter drug doesn't work well at all, but they still want it to be available and wish continued funding to promote its use.

Follow Jill's links to the RH reality check article.

*note* 'emergency birth control' is the proper designation, as this drug has multiple mechanisms, and prominently operates by ending the life of the early human embryo by preventing implantation.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Teddy Kennedy Has Made Final Exit

Late Tuesday.....

This guy "Needed" two Appendectomies

Because those stellar UK surgeons couldn't find it the first time, apparently.

Mark Wattson returned to Great Western Hospital in Swindon for a second appendectomy a month after the first operation, because his appendix ruptured. His employer, not believing the story, fired him. To add insult to injury, the incision after the second operation became infected.

Mr. Wattson, after a good deal of unnecessary trauma, is still in a good deal of pain, and is now jobless.

This sad tale brought to you by the Daily Mail, which reports that compensation to National Health Service patients has risen to 769 million Pounds.

Fame for MisterDregs @ Youtube

Hilarious imagery in this video about Obamacare.

Buy from Whole Foods Market!!

Obama affiliated Union Thugs are attacking Whole Foods Inc, because the CEO, John Mackey dared to post an alternative to government run health care as an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

Pharmer's obvious response is to encourage all people to BUY WHOLE FOODS!! Even if you don't like the op-ed written by Mr. Mackey, do you think it's right for him and all his employees to be punished for expressing his opinion on health care?

Remember: with the heavy handed suppression of free speech and other human rights, YOU'RE NEXT!!!

Stand up and be counted.

Here's the attack ad from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. Let it direct you where to go to buy food.

Find your closest WHOLE FOODS MARKET HERE. Also sign up at the website for education on healthy eating and other online services. Support a company which holistically supports your well being and freedom of health care choices.

A 9 Trillion Deficit in 10 Years

Amid finally reporting what he didn't want us to see before the Congressional Summer Break... Obama also decided to keep Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve.

Problems Problems. We're going deeper in the hole, unemployment is worse than predicted, and there's less excuse to spend more on the Obama-care debacle than ever before.

Obama also has to keep Bernanke, because he can't find anyone else, to take the job, who can do better math. (We can all discern that Lefties don't do math.)
Note the AP and other news trying to spin the Bernanke decision as a stabilizing influence on markets, heh heh heh....

Read up at Yahoo....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Swedish Study : Chlamydial Badge of Honor

Didn't need a study to establish the obvious, though here it is:

A study called Risky Encounters by Kina Hammarlund, a University of Skövde researcher, suggests that a portion of STD vicims, all male, view the acquisition as a sign of manhood. (Perhaps for some, it's the 'proof positive' to their associates, that they have had sex.)

Hammarlund notes that there are no women who have this view. Also she concludes from her, interview style study, that the same old gender disparities remain despite the "progressive" sexual attitudes.

Read up!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kevin McCullough at Townhall points out Obama's constant and inaccurate drum beat against the physicians whom he would need in his future health care plans. But he hasn't yet realized that the Hippocratic oath largely fell out of use a generation ago.

Pharmer wakes up another one as follows:

A generation after most medical schools have ceased using the Hippocratic Oath (it forbade abortion, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide)people are still making reference to it as though it remains the primary guiding principle of physicians.

While I wish the Hippocratic oath were still the primary guiding principle for physicians, and its spirit should be influencing all other health care professionals, there's a need to wake people up to the fact that its use has faded drastically. Please also note that participation in the brave new world of health care is not for those of us who would refuse to kill any patient, or assist in this killing.

We will be eliminated from the system. You will have to deal the kinds of practitioners which Obama has been envisioning for the public in order to sell his health care.

That being said, Mr. McCullough's article is good for pointing out Obama's factual errors in the matters of pricing and referral, and also that practitioners remain who would never take a kickback for referral even if they could. Yes, it is all about referrals, because the physicians who monitor the general, endocrine and renal status of the diabetic patient have Zero to do with the amputation surgeries.

Obama's abortionists receive much more than the usual amputation fee for their surgical procedures. They could be much more able to pay a referral fee, as well as the costs of lobbying their politicians.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"God Guns and Trucks "

The "reporter/pundit" is almost choked by her own waves of emotion as she interviews truck dealer, Mark Mueller, who gives away a voucher for an AK-47 with each truck purchase.

Pharmer fully supports Mr. Mueller's exercise of his constitutionally protected freedoms.

Obama-style 'death panel' for Veterans.

Seems that during the Clinton administration there was counseling for severely disabled veterans to concerning the end of life options. The literature distributed in this program "Your Life, your Choices" was geared towards the predetermined conclusion of helping the government save resources. In other words for the Veteran there was encouragement to give up on life.
The Bush administration found this to be inappropriate, and suspended the program.

With the Obama administration, this program is baaaaaack.
In the new edition, apparently the Hemlock society is the only group referenced as a resource in the area of advanced directives.

By the way, the Hemlock society has a new name, Compassion and Choices.

So, look to the cost containment efforts being imposed upon the disabled U.S. veterans to see what the Obama administration has in store for the rest of us.

People need to think twice about the attitude of this administration towards those who would give their lives for this country, before signing up for military service during the next three years.

Yes it's a 'death panel'. Encouraging the option of a faster death to a vulnerable person, who has suffered personal disasters and feels hopeless, brings the same result as directly refusing care.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Has Sarah Thought About That?

It's "sophisticated" to make negative assumptions regarding the intelligence of Sarah Palin.
Despite my youthful demeanor (refusal to "grow up") I am old enough to know that this is a REWIND of the behavior of the elites towards Ronald Reagan, with his 150 IQ, who ended the Cold War, who wrote most of his own speeches, and needed no teleprompter.

I quote Reagan to the media and sophisticated elites: "THERE YOU GO AGAIN!"

Part and parcel of refusing to grow up is not wanting to see excessive rewind, reinventing of the wheel, and rehashing of activities and thoughts which are already proven to cause failure and human misery.

My mind is still that of a researcher. No information is turned away as useless. There's always something new to try, and some useful new idea.
I don't turn on oldies radio stations, even though I like a lot of old music. I turn on the stations which have new songs, and songs I never heard before in the mix. I listen to the music my kids hear, (while discouraging the really sick stuff).

So when asked if Sarah is thinking about this health care issue.........

Well, as Governor of a State, that was certainly an issue that would have had to cross her mind. DUH!!!!

And now she has the time to write about what she's seeing and thinking. Very nice combination of essays there. And she's noticed that there's NOTHING NEW in the health bills. Just the old payoff of the cronies, special interests lining up for favors, and feeding the tort lawyers at the expense of the sick (letting them die) and the taxpayers.

Sarah's NOTES

I am pushing for Sarah Palin because...... she is normal. She is to a large extent putting my thoughts into public view: 80 percent agreement, at least. Palin has the social skill to succeed and lead, which is why I promote her instead of running for office myself, (as quite a few have suggested).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rabbi Moline Apparently Had to Delete the Obama Quote

Sorry I got there too late for the screen shot of Rabbi Jack Moline's twitter page, but it was apparently seen by others.

Obama is mixing church and state, in a most un-Democrat way in his appeal to the Rabbis on his "health care transfiguration".

Rabbi Jack Moline twittered this Obama quote: "We are God's partners in matters of life and death," as reported by Ben Smith of the Politico..

Maybe you'll want to preserve a screen shot before Ben's column also gets scrubbed.

Obama without his teleprompter, reveals an inflated view of his mission on earth as the equal of God in authority over life and death. This is from the guy who thinks it's OK to kill babies after their born, by means of exposure.

Yes the word partners denotes a relationship of equals, Mr. "Orator". Your statement was Massively revealing to us of the danger you pose to all our lives.

I find the suggestion that any human is a "partner" of God in ANY capacity, to be theologically unsound to the extreme degree.

ADDED NOTE: to see the deleted tweets of Rabbi Jack Moline, go to TWELETED and put in his user name, jlm548. You'll see the Obama quote as the Rabbi heard it.

Representative Tom Price, speaks on Health Care Bill

Listen up to Representative Tom Price of Georgia address the congressional committee on HR 3200. This speech, prior to the recess, is not flaming oratory, but accurately expresses what we health care professionals know will be the result: health care shortage, and Dr. Price (a physician for 25 years) expresses........ The american people will be given the opportunity to STAND IN LINE.

Did you hear this speech?

Now listen up to this pharmacist one more time, The health care professionals are going to leave in droves when Obama-care passes. The ones who leave are those who cannot bring themselves to help kill their patients, as well as others who understand that they can't practice effectively within the government framework. This shortage will bring the agonizing lines of untreated patients, anger, loss of confidentiality, and breakdown of the trust between patient and caregivers.

I hear from Australians describing the health care in their locality.. As in Canada, the care and systems vary by state. The system has gone full circle. Docs are refusing the government health card which causes bundling and delay of payment. They're taking cash for initial visits.
Guess what that means to those without sufficient cash.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why should "abortion be the only matter of conscience favored by federal protection?"

Sometimes I do interviews by email. Others are taken over the phone, or in person, live or taped. This is an example of one done by email, which some people might find interesting. In Italics are the questions from the reporter, and in regular text are my answers.

Reporter: I cover faith/values for the AOL news site I’m working about a piece about the conscience clause – the legal and moral implications. While researching the topic, looking for health care professionals in favor of the conscience clause,I came across your site. Here is the question I’m trying to explore:
Is there a principled reason why abortion should be the only matter of conscience favored by federal protection? Health care workers are hardly the only people who could be asked to perform duties that profoundly offend their conscience.

Pharmer: This question is based upon a false premise. The US military has long respected the conscientious objectors who refuse to kill humans, and there is federal protection of these people from abrogation of their conscience.

That the human organism is of same species throughout development is long acknowledged in the science of Biology and Developmental Biology. (No developmental biologist was consulted for the Roe V Wade decision. ) Induced abortion at any stage forward from completed fertilization (or other assembly of the full human genetic complement), is willful killing and no one should be obligated to participate.

Reporter: What about a teacher required (as in my home state of Texas) to teach abstinence-only sex education and who believes that it not only contributes to more unwanted pregnancies – but more abortions?

Pharmer: It is recognized in Biology that one must have the kind of sex which allows the sperm to reach the secondary oocyte, in order to become pregnant. Abstinence is the avoidance of that kind of sex.
There are many Religious beliefs held by people these days which fly in the face of direct scientific observation. While I find them fascinating, I will not address them exhaustively.

Reporter: Or, a teacher required to teach evolution but who believes that’s pushing his/her students to eternal damnation (a fate quite literally worse than death)?

Pharmer: I do not believe that education should be within the purview of the federal government, so this issue is outside the parameters of federal protection. Education is a local issue and I cite the Bill of Rights of the Constitution for that opinion.

Reporter: Or even a cashier at Burger King who believes that giving an obese person a giant order of fries is hastening their death?

Pharmer: If I chose a job at Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the U.S., I would not ask for protection from participating in their main industry.

Reporter: Like abortion, they are all at least life-or-death issues for people whose conscience is offended. And I could list many other examples.

Pharmer: Health professionals know that french fries are not a critical life or death issue.

Fries have been a religious issue to Muslims since the oil mix pf a major producer was found in the past to contain pork products. I respect the objection of the Muslims, but do not believe in feeding lawyers excessively from the inconsideration of hidden pork. The producer's act to remove the pork showed good consideration.

Reporter: One might say these people should find another line of work. But that same argument would apply to health care workers and abortion.
How should we draw the line?

Pharmer: It is a human right to choose to avoid direct involvement in killing another human in health care practice.

Leftists choose to relegate this human right to a lower priority than
1) their own access to recreational sex,
2) making very young individuals more available for sex, and
3) protecting rapists from prolonged prison sentences or other deterrents.

Those three things are higher in the leftist hierarchy of human need than the human right to avoid killing other humans.
My respect for human life is highest priority, and this places me at extreme odds with today's leftists.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

MAIL-speak on the flu vaccines.

This a tabloid style presentation from the UK MAIL, and though it isn't accurate in comparing the deaths caused by the flu, vs deaths caused by a past vaccine program, it does illustrate one significant point.

Flu vaccines are not for absolutely Everyone. They're appropriate for various health-risk groups. As with every medical treatment, there's the risk to benefit ratio, and this becomes more significant when delivering medical treatments to people who Are Not Sick.

Pharmer was born conservative and has reservations about any medical treatment which is developed in a big hurry.

No matter your personal decision on the flu vaccines, good hand washing practices are preventative. Also avoid touching your face as much as possible when you're out and about. You can avoid a lot of illnesses that way.

And don't FREAK OUT over this H1N1 swine flu virus. That's a waste of your life.

Obama Backing Down on Healthcare?

Congratulations to the Tea Partiers and other Patriots for making Obama blink.

Looks like he might be retreating somewhat on the health care issue, and perhaps backing down on the public insurance.

Sebelius is claiming that end of life programming might be removed from the bill, while claiming that they only wanted to see physicians reimbursed for important counseling services rather than the real program of encouraging the elderly and terminally ill to just "take the pill".


Don't let up, and remain ever vigilant. It will always be the same with these Leftists. They've been working for many generations to bring you the Brave New World as prognosticated by Aldous Huxley. Collectively they'll continue to bring this to you, one portion at a time, in the same way as they bring the dreaded FOCA, and the insane policies which are a slap in the face to all law-abiding immigrants.

Breitbart brings Viewership to Katie Couric, for laughs

Katie Couric, the relatively unwatched one, thinks that We're opposing Obamacare out of ignorance. Get a laugh here, if you want to break your long routine of ignoring this leftist propagandist.

I'm too tired after a long night of work to look up the contact info, or I'd aim this at Katie directly. Readers, feel free to do so, if your copy/paste works well.

Hearing anyone from the news media speak about anyone else's supposed ignorance in the area of health care and medicine is side splitting. My experience with the media in general is that 95 percent of the reporters have insufficient background to comprehend the answers when conducting an interview in the areas of science and medicine. Sometimes I've had to write the material down for them and send links to full background info. Of course I've had to spell the terminology and give definitions incessantly to the scientifically illiterate journalists. In explaining drug mechanisms of action, I've had to first review background that kids learn in primary school, and go forward from there. The results after these efforts were often quite underwhelming. Some people are untrainable. The few reporters who were able to understand and convey medical information were welcome relief from the frustration.

Most astonishing is that the vast majority of reporters did not realize that the Hippocratic Oath has been generally out of use by graduating MDs for a generation, because it forbids abortion, physician assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Obviously, Sarah Palin knows this fact well. Moms who experience untoward fetal diagnoses experience the "suggestion of abortion". Even docs, who wouldn't abort, feel that if they don't mention the possibility, they be dealt a wrongful life lawsuit down the road. At the other end of life is the denial of care, and the inculcation of a duty to die. Such is the progress of the government's influence on health care thus far. Palin's term "death panel", for the entities in charge of cost containment through the denial of care, was precisely on target, and this is why the Dems and their media echo/chorus are howling in rage.

The trepidation brought on by thoughts of government controlled health care results from awareness of the above, and exactly what it means. Katie is 180 degrees out of phase with reality. This allows her to express her personal views without embarrassment.

Friday, August 14, 2009

dem congresswoman admits obama care funds abortion

"From August 10th, 2009 Community Meeting in San Jose, CA.
Zoe Logfren, CA-D16

Democrat Congresswomen & Obama HealthCare Advocate

Video provided by David R. Schmidt
Question asked by Ignacio Reye"

The provider of this video gives permission for it to be shared and broadcast, and we thank him.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Say WHAT??

When POTUS gets off Teleprompter, it's always trouble.

Obama wanted to reassure his New Hampshire audience that private insurers could always compete with the government health care program.


and I quote Obama :

"They do it all the time. UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. ... It's the Post Office that's always having problems."

Both Medicare and the Post Office are essentially bankrupt through mismanagement.

The reason for wasting our money on a public option is what???


Ready for 2010? Arm Yourself with Real Information

Catholics are an important swing vote group in the U.S., which is predominantly liberal democrat on economic issues.

Obama appears to be carrying out his promise to Planned Parenthood to keep abortion at the heart of his health care program. This is expected to cost the Democrats the Catholic vote in the next election cycle.

The Media was quite effective in hiding Obama's abortion agenda from those who don't access the internet for news. This agenda was so radical, that the organizations with which Pharmer works were not able to convince people that it was for real. To most, it was Unbelievable. Thanks to these organizations for their continued persistence, and thanks to Bill Bennett for using his live time on CNN to push the facts into the mainstream media.

To exemplify the present media blackout: prior to this, the media used to cover the ethical controversies particularly during the summer when the news cycle was slow.
Summer of 2009??? Mainstream MEDIA BLACKOUT OF THE ABORTION ISSUE. There is also reduced coverage of Christian religious groups and their activities.

Our project is to persuade Americans to turn off their televisions, cancel the newspapers and take to the internet for their news. They have access to all news feeds there, and can construct their own personal mixture of sources.

Pharmer is still meeting people who are shocked to know what Tiller (murdered abortionist) did for a living, and about the post-birth abortions espoused and defended by Obama.

Do not let the State fed media control your access to information. Get your own internet news-feed. The easy and lazy way to start is to go to the bottom of Drudgereport and start picking newswires from around the world. Drag the links to your browser toolbar and read up! As you spend a little more time, you'll find sources which Drudge does not list, and further develop your own personal mix based on your areas of interest, and make your own news homepage.

"Feed your head".

Monday, August 10, 2009

Response to David Axelrod

Pharmer received one of those emails from David Axelrod about the new healthcare propaganda at

Who wants Spam from Axelrod in the email box?
We have the Obama-media to keep us in the dark and feed us B.S.

So Here's the Reply to Axelrod:

Mr. Axelrod,

Since we've been reading HR 3200, we won't need your website. Seems that we are a helluva lot smarter than John Conyers, who announced that it was useless to read the bills, because he and two lawyers could not understand the content. Also, the members of congress on vacation are failing in their meetings with the voters because the legislators don't understand health care nor do they understand the legislation.

I don't think the people who pay the taxes are enthusiastic about funding the excesses of your party, their extra jets, their EXTRA junkets, their excessive personal opulence, their theft, their usurpation of power and their denial of our human rights. Take this information to the department of propaganda. This is the real problem, not your new fabricated "villain" the insurance companies.

See --- those without attention deficit, and even some who have this problem, realize that global warmng has morphed to climate change, and national health care has morphed to insurance reform. It's all garbage, and we don't trust the government anymore, because it lies, and steals too much.

I expect to become one of the unemployed health care professionals after the health-kill program is fully implemented, as I refuse to participate in killing any patient, at any stage of development. Your administration will have no place for me in your health-kill system. So it will be perfectly legal, and caused by yourselves, when I stop paying income tax. I better spell it out more plainly. The unemployed health care professionals will not have to pay income tax if they don't make any income. John Conyers wouldn't get that, but maybe you do. After all, it's about tax revenue.

What we know is that the tea parties and town halls had no violence until you brought your union goons to push elderly people around. This is only making voters angrier. Do you think that the military will be fully cooperative with a government attempt to shut us up? Perhaps the military of Honduras has provided the United States military with an example of adherence to their constitution.

Vladimir Putin must be laughing non-stop at the Obama administration and the United States.

Karen L Brauer MS, RPh <---- put me on your list of people opposing socialized medicine and bloated federal government. Forward to .

Sunday, August 9, 2009

RENT a Liberal Ads

Check Craigslist -- Obama's group is hiring liberals to oppose the tea partiers at the town hall meetings, etc. Here are ads for the Washington DC area.

Palin Rocks like Reagan

Read what Sarah Palin said on her facebook, then follow the appended links, to understand that this statement is an objection to the Democrats very REAL plans for YOU.

As more Americans delve into the disturbing details of the nationalized health care plan that the current administration is rushing through Congress, our collective jaw is dropping, and we’re saying not just no, but hell no!

The Democrats promise that a government health care system will reduce the cost of health care, but as the economist Thomas Sowell has pointed out, government health care will not reduce the cost; it will simply refuse to pay the cost. And who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course. The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.

Health care by definition involves life and death decisions. Human rights and human dignity must be at the center of any health care discussion.

Rep. Michele Bachmann highlighted the Orwellian thinking of the president’s health care advisor, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of the White House chief of staff, in a floor speech to the House of Representatives. I commend her for being a voice for the most precious members of our society, our children and our seniors.

Obama has a pain Pill for your mama instead of a pacemaker. LISTEN UP!

It's good enough for you, but not for Obama's grandma: HERE

Obama is a proponent of single payer health insurance: HERE

Uncomfortable moment for Rahm Emanuel as his views are recognized: Long but worth a look.

Some more explanation on the "Complete lives system" HERE.

Principles for Allocation of Scarce Medical Interventions : Ezekiel Emanuel leaves a trail.

Pharmer hopes to repost the words of Sarah Palin from time to time, accompanied with more moments of liberal self-exposure.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Response to Bill Press

Sent to the Hartford Courant and Bill Press, in response to his article in that news organ:

Dear Editors,

I was a little confused by a news >politics article, in the Hartford Courant, by Bill Press. It would seem to be better placed on an opinion page.

Also, I was wondering, since his
article is about tea-bagging, is the Courant primarily a gay publication?

It could be just an honest mistake by Bill Press, confusing tea-bagging with what I do : Tea- partying.
He just might be more familiar with the former activity than the latter.

Tea-partying is inspired by a tax protest prior to the revolutionary war in the U.S. I engage in this activity because
I favor a small federal government and larger local autonomy. Tea parties are about small government, and not Apollo conspiracy theories, as Mr. Press claimed. My father was a satellite communications expert at a company which, for decades, supplied communications equipment used in the NASA programs. Neil Armstrong really walked on the moon.

I am getting no free rides to any tea parties. My husband and I drive ourselves, make our own signs, and receive no renumeration. I hope that helps with some of the misconceptions under which Bill Press is laboring.

As for the tea bagging........ can't assist with any of that, sorry.

Obama Should be Telling Himself to "Get Out of the Way"

Here's the famous video in which obama directs those who caused the economic mess to stop talking and get out of the way.

But here's the problem:
Obama voted for the first economic stimulus package which he blames for his trouble, and is spearheading the rest of the debacle. Perhaps he needs to understand that that most American voters realize this. In fact, an 8/5 Rasmussen report is that 71 percent of voters believe that Obama's policies have increased the deficit.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Abortion at the Center and Heart of Obamacare

Don't forget what Obama told his best buddies at Planned Parenthood while he was campaigning:

Pelosi and Baird call Anti-Socialists NAZIs

Representatives Baird (NC) and Pelosi(CA) demonstrated their ignorance once more by labeling their constituents who oppose socialized medicine as NAZIs.

NAZI was the acronym for the national SOCIALIST party of Germany. Pelosi claiming that the protestors are carrying swastikas and Baird comparing them to Hitler's brownshirts underscores what kind of mental delirium is required in order to maintain their political stance.

Liberals, read this very slowly....... if you call people who oppose socialism "socialists" it only makes you appear delusional and stupid. It's the same as applying the label "murderers" to people who refuse to kill humans, another old tactic that has inspired our utter loss of respect for you.

Oh, by the way, Rep. Baird has chickened out, and is hosting his town hall meetings by telephone. He knows he can't answer to his constituency, and is afraid of them.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

AARP not representing its members' interests on health care

and will pay the price...

A LOVE Fest at Rush Hour

Rep. Baron Hill, you are in trouble, if today's unscientific poll is anywhere near actual fact. We the Hoosiers, a group with which Pharmer Tea-parties, has demonstrations against socialized health care every Wednesday and Thursday at rush hour, along Hwy 50 in Lawrenceburg, IN. If the people in our late afternoon traffic jam at all represent the general public, Baron, you had better pack up a few truckloads and get ready to leave Washington DC. You are OUTA there if you support this health-kill debacle.
The vast majority of our fellow citizens honked, held thumbs up, waved and smiled. It was a summer day of LOVE along the main drag as we held up our signs opposing socialized medicine.
Tea Party near Newtown Park in Lawrenceburg from 4-6 pm every Weds and Thurs in August, 09.

Independence Caucus

Just another ad for Independence Caucus, a coalition in favor of Small Government, which is linked in my sidebar. The Indiana group to which I subscribe is HERE.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Darrell Issa Doesn't Like Emanuel's Chicago-style Thuggery

Seems that some threatening letters to legislators have been the response from the white house to some of those opposing the Obama stimulus plan. Excerpts can be seen HERE from two letters, ostensibly from cabinet members, which threaten to cut off Federal funding in Arizona as retaliation for the opposition coming from Sen. Jon Kyl. Apparently other legislators, and the Governor of Arizona are supposed to shut Kyl up, or else.

Send your fishy emails to

From Breitbart TV and reason magazine: Big Brother wants YOUR EMAILS. Pharmer should send the URL to this blog.

Cecile Richards: Crazy like a baby-killing fox

Cecile Richards: Crazy like a baby-killing fox

Shared via AddThis

Cecile Richards, head of Planned Parenthood is reassuring the public that the VERY THING her organization has been fighting for is not going to happen. -- article by Jill Stanek

Monday, August 3, 2009

Michelle Malkin puts the View Grrls in their place

Watch Michelle Malkin conducting class on The View

Obama's Nationalized Health Insurance Plans Revealed

Obama is telling a new lie now, but it helps to review his words and plans regarding health care to see what he's up to.

He intends to give you socialized medicine.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Your Tax Dollars Stimulating Pervs in San Francisco

Part of the first 787 billion stimulus package went to the National Endowment for the Arts. This organization recieved 80 million to fund "worthy" projects such as the Frame house, which puts out such gems as "Thundercrack" a kinky, porno horror film.

Other worthy recipients are Counterpulse, which produces the weekly offering "Perverts Put Out", and the Symmetry Project, about which you can read further HERE.

This Blog doesn't need to describe all of these "glories" in detail. But you get general idea of Your Tax Dollars at Work, in this liberally enlightened age.

Student Wants Her Tuition Back

Expect a LOT of these lawsuits to pop up. Trina Thompson is suing her alma mater for tuition dollars, stating that she did not receive sufficient career placement and advice from the institution, and is still jobless after her April, 09 graduation.

Join the Crowd, Trina. When Pharmer jumped out of school with an M.S. while the U.S. was still recovering from the Carter years. Research jobs were becoming available, but the pay absolutely STANK. So... back to school (along with the low salary job).

Recovery from the Obama years is going to take a century. ;-) Trina (an IT major) might even have to retool for training tech help in India. Maybe help them untangle those phone lines........

More Rationing from the UK

It will be interesting to follow the decision to ration the pain killing corticosteroid injections which people receive for intractable back pain in the UK.

I suspect that it's another group decision, like the health care plans being formulated in the U.S., in which a committee of beneficiary companies and individuals belly up to the table to see how they can benefit from a forced redistribution of health care resources.

In this latest case, it could be the alternative therapy practitioners, and neurosurgeons who benefit from this decision in the U.K.

Pharmer thinks it's a very bright idea to determine the cause of pain before giving corticosteroid containing injections, but suspects that such imaging services in the UK are not so easy to obtain.

Americans look at your future. Opiates are cheap, Relistor is expensive, and constipation will be a way of life.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Very Cool -- the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain