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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Response to Bill Press

Sent to the Hartford Courant and Bill Press, in response to his article in that news organ:

Dear Editors,

I was a little confused by a news >politics article, in the Hartford Courant, by Bill Press. It would seem to be better placed on an opinion page.

Also, I was wondering, since his
article is about tea-bagging, is the Courant primarily a gay publication?

It could be just an honest mistake by Bill Press, confusing tea-bagging with what I do : Tea- partying.
He just might be more familiar with the former activity than the latter.

Tea-partying is inspired by a tax protest prior to the revolutionary war in the U.S. I engage in this activity because
I favor a small federal government and larger local autonomy. Tea parties are about small government, and not Apollo conspiracy theories, as Mr. Press claimed. My father was a satellite communications expert at a company which, for decades, supplied communications equipment used in the NASA programs. Neil Armstrong really walked on the moon.

I am getting no free rides to any tea parties. My husband and I drive ourselves, make our own signs, and receive no renumeration. I hope that helps with some of the misconceptions under which Bill Press is laboring.

As for the tea bagging........ can't assist with any of that, sorry.


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