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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A LOVE Fest at Rush Hour

Rep. Baron Hill, you are in trouble, if today's unscientific poll is anywhere near actual fact. We the Hoosiers, a group with which Pharmer Tea-parties, has demonstrations against socialized health care every Wednesday and Thursday at rush hour, along Hwy 50 in Lawrenceburg, IN. If the people in our late afternoon traffic jam at all represent the general public, Baron, you had better pack up a few truckloads and get ready to leave Washington DC. You are OUTA there if you support this health-kill debacle.
The vast majority of our fellow citizens honked, held thumbs up, waved and smiled. It was a summer day of LOVE along the main drag as we held up our signs opposing socialized medicine.
Tea Party near Newtown Park in Lawrenceburg from 4-6 pm every Weds and Thurs in August, 09.


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