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Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Rationing from the UK

It will be interesting to follow the decision to ration the pain killing corticosteroid injections which people receive for intractable back pain in the UK.

I suspect that it's another group decision, like the health care plans being formulated in the U.S., in which a committee of beneficiary companies and individuals belly up to the table to see how they can benefit from a forced redistribution of health care resources.

In this latest case, it could be the alternative therapy practitioners, and neurosurgeons who benefit from this decision in the U.K.

Pharmer thinks it's a very bright idea to determine the cause of pain before giving corticosteroid containing injections, but suspects that such imaging services in the UK are not so easy to obtain.

Americans look at your future. Opiates are cheap, Relistor is expensive, and constipation will be a way of life.


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