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Friday, July 31, 2009

Indiana Rep's Baron Hill's Phone Lines Unavailable

Repeated attempts to call Rep Baron Hill were answered with the office closed / busy, message. So I had to write a "love letter" which follows. I also wrote to the Indiana Senators Bayh and Lugar to request opposition to the Obama Health-kill legislation.

Representative Hill,

I'm quite upset that your Washington and Jefferson phones are shut down during working hours. Could it be that you're tired of hearing from the large number of constituents who oppose the Obama agenda?

I again urge opposition to HR 3200. It's not what your constituents want. I also urge opposition to the Kennedy amendment to force me to participate in abortion (so long as a doctor fraudulently claims it's an "emergency". Any competent health care professional knows that there is NO need to cut up and kill a baby, rather than attempt a live/intact, early delivery in emergency cases. The former is actually more dangerous to the woman.) I urge opposition to forced tax payer funding of abortion, which is also written into HR 3200, with the understanding that we are already funding some abortions through the fraud permitted by the government. We do not need to fund any more.

I'm going to mosey over to the rapidly growing Independence Caucus to ask those nice people if they have another working office number to reach you.
Meanwhile, I recommend that you turn your Washington office phones back on. Frustrating your constituents is not a bright idea, and may cause you to have difficulty even running against domestic livestock in your primary next year.

Thank you for your attention.



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