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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

John Holdren, Obama's Environmental Whacko Science Advisor

has been noticed for his past, extremist ideas of forced abortion, and other means to remove human stain from the earth.

"Ecoscience, Population, Resources, Environment" is the 1977 text which Holdren coauthored with fellow nuts, Paul and Ann Erlich, in which the ideas to preserve the earth by removing a significant portion of the humans were put forth. Their plans included a Planetary regime of environmental control, forced abortion, forced sterilization of girls at puberty, and spiking the water or food staples with sterilizing chemicals.

This old text of Holdren's, from which he now wishes to walk away, had suggested such severe measures of population control, in answer to the once popular, but now debunked doomsday predictions of ever increasing human hordes destroying the earth.

A discredited environmental nutjob has the ear of Obama, and his latest insanity is the global warming religion, which is established to be baseless.

So we have John Holdren in Obama's right ear, and Ezekiel Emanuel in Obama's left ear, ensuring that he remains as crazy as ever. We appear to have no elected leaders with the strength to respond to this problem.


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