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Thursday, July 23, 2009

On some Near Term Alternatives to Obama-care.

Medical professionals should understand that there will soon be no legal recourse when their human rights are violated as in the case of Nurse DeCarlo at Mt Sinai Medical Center of New York. Obama has lined up judicial appointees and government health care administrators who are demanding that health care professionals add killing humans to their skills and practices.

Young people need to choose careers in alternative medicine, and veterinary medicine, if their interest lies in health care. Existing health care professionals need to plan their next career. The sooner that Obama's health care plan suffers total collapse, the sooner it can be replaced with a more humane system, focused on care and healing rather than killing.

Veterinary schools need to offer more elective courses in the primary care of humans as a large animal. There will be little to no health care available to the people of rural America in the Obama plan. Alternative care or veterinary care is preferable to Obama-care. Pharmer also notes, for public benefit, that is easier to gain admission to medical school than to veterinary school. You KNOW what that means........

The one potential difficulty of veterinary care for humans as large animals is that the docs are accustomed to euthanasia and abortion. For some of them, the standard of care for domestic animals might carry over too easily to humans.

Vigilance is always necessary when dealing with the health care providers of today and the near future.


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