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Friday, July 17, 2009

Pope Benedict bounces Back, and .......... More!

Pope Benedict, who broke his wrist in a fall during his vacation in the Alps appears to have recovered rapidly from outpatient surgery to reduce the fracture.

The fall is not believed to have resulted from an underlying condition, and he is expected to have the cast removed in about a month, which is good news.

Details at Breitbart, in an article which appears to have closed comments. Too bad or you could have seen the circus of leftists projecting their own faults onto the Pontiff.

This brings to mind the recent visit of Obama to the Pope, during which our president lied about wanting to reduce the number of abortions.

Spending US tax dollars to export abortion to the third world is not the way to reduce abortions.

OK........ for the people who don't know much about Pope or Catholicism in general:

Obama was really an idiot for even attempting to lie about this. Pope Benedict XVI is like Yoda ...... OK? He's really old, has genius IQ, and therefore has seen a lot. In addition his vision isn't clouded from wasting himself on dissolute practices. He's a specialist in knowing what's going on around him. THAT'S WHY HE'S POPE. Religious people have other more reverent language for these characteristics of the Pope, and can cite additional ones, but most people just don't care about that anymore. Understand that the Pope has to make nice to the world leaders, no matter how dissolute they are, in order to keep the charitable functions of the Church operating as much as possible.

From the long lines of Leftists who have no idea about the various functions and purpose of the Pope comes this prize winner. Meet Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, who like her relatives, needs to justify her own moral turpitude full time. She suggests that Obama is more Catholic than the Pope, since 54 percent of US catholics supported Obamanator, (not withstanding the fact that most of those were not even able to name his VP, nor were aware of his pro abortion stance).

Townsend suggested (to Pharmer's vast amusement) that the Pope needs to learn from Obama about U.S. Catholics. She is completely unaware of Pope Benedict's prediction that the Catholic Church will overall become smaller in size and more adherent. He has always understood the consequences of spreading persecution in the post-Christian era.

There were self proclaimed Jews and Christians serving as guards in Hitler's Concentration Camps. This is essentially the current and future function of the Cathoics-in-name-Only, of which Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is one. She will remain weathy while cheering contraction of Catholic health care, educational systems, and charities, and the imprisonment of those who oppose her leftist world view.

One last blast: It is not the job of religious leaders to erase the ethical principles revealed to them by the Deity, in order to make the non-adherent feel more at home. Their job is to encourage more people to rise to the expectations, and inspire the faithful to adhere, regardless of the ever changing trends and fads.

Really, Kathleen, your buddies are going to eventually learn (I know they are really slooow) that their sex practices cause discomfort, disease, and harm + death to the young. Those fads which you hold forth as more important than the teaching to honor God's creation, including your own body, are going to eventually fade.


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Great zinggggger!

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