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Thursday, July 9, 2009

IRS Has and Will Continue to Regulate Speech

One reason that many church pastors are afraid to address morality as it impinges upon participation in the democratic process is that they fear losing tax exempt status.

The Christian Coalition lost tax exempt status
because they distributed a voter guide at election time which (without comment) stated the positions of politicians and candidates on issues of interest to Christian voters.

In addition, the Post Office delivered the voter guide at its own discretion. Mine tended to come well after the election is over, after an apparent sojourn in the back rooms. There is now distribution online. It seems that the Christian coalition abandoned reliance on the post office for more than one reason.

The latest example of the IRS regulating free speech comes as a restriction for the Coalition for Life of Iowa. In order to have tax exempt status, they must cease speaking out against Planned Parenthood.

Perhaps the IRS has come up against the wrong organization this time, and their egregious violations of the first amendment since the time of the Johnson administration might be brought to light in a lawsuit. Thomas More Society has announced its legal support of the Coalition for Life.

It is not the place of the IRS to limit the speech of NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS.

It is notable that Planned Parenthood has spent money on active lobbying and campaign contributions, yet retains its not profit status.


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