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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Pharma Reach DEEP into your pockets

The FDA needs money.... what other reason to make noise about putting new regulations on over the counter acetaminophen, or consider the possibility of pulling hot selling products from the shelves.

So Johnson and Johnson, Novartis et. al. choke up some cash.

Face it, acetaminophen, which can be hepatotoxic in large doses over 4 grams per day, is basically used as an excipient in over the counter cold remedies, and in prescription narcotic formulations. So it's fairly easy for chronic users of these drugs, and other pain relievers to exceed the recommended dose limit.

This has gotten by the FDA for a half century or more. I don't see any other than a financial reason for the sudden attention to the problem. It's Chicago in Washington now, so that's what I'd expect.


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