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Friday, June 19, 2009

Itari-go ga wakarimasu ka?

Do you understand Italian? Read THIS, then. It's about a couple of Japanese guys caught smuggling 134.5 BILLION dollars in US bonds. These are paper bonds, and look very genuine. Bonds of the size and type, found in the false bottom of their briefcase, are rarely issued in certificate form anymore.

An article at the Right Soup attempts analysis of this large financial curiousity, probably would have been one of the largest smuggling attempts of its kind. However later news suggests that the bonds are forgeries.

It appears that our usual media has utterly no interest in the story however. The huge "value" of the smuggled bonds, along with this media disinterest adds significance to the information.

Coincidentally, a WSJ article in March of 2009 announced that the US government had 134.5 billion dollars left in TARP, (which was allowed to be spent at the discretion of the executive branch of government). Isn't GOOGLE amazing for instantly finding such data?

Now if those bonds were real, wouldn't that have churned up a major storm on the internet? Don't know if that could ever have interested the members of this particular congress, nor the Obama administration.


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