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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Utterly Incompetent Legal Professionals

First we had the Supreme Court decision of Roe V Wade announcing that 5 of the judges did not understand when the life of a sexually reproducing organism begins. They did not want to understand, and this was the reason for excluding information already accumulated by embryologists from the formulation of this decision.

At this time, Hillsboro, Oregon police are investigating a case in which a pregnant woman was killed, her baby was cut out of her, and was also killed.
In that state, the penalty for the murder differs if the baby was still living after it was born, and then killed.

In a continuation of the damage done by the public education system, we have a prize winning stupid statement:

"The issue is was the child alive at all at any point in time," said Washington County District Attorney Bob Herman. "This is certainly unusual for its circumstances and nature."

Yes, the DA apparently thinks that non living material is able to catabolize, anabolize and grow, respond to stimuli, and move within the womb. This is the only reason for needing to ask if the child was EVER alive.



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