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Saturday, May 30, 2009

HIV Chase

No one knows when the HIV virus first was transmitted to humans. There have been a number of guesses, as well as the conspiracy theorists insisting that the transmission was purposeful .

The latest guess is that this virus has plagued humans for a century or more, first entering our species in a place near Leopoldville which is now Kinshasha, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

You'll see more guesses, if you stay tuned, giving even earlier estimates of HIV presence within the human population.

Comments to the above linked announcement contain a reference to "studies" (really conjecture) about linkage of resistance to HIV and the exposure to Bubonic plague. These people should get a grip........ the plague is caused by a bacterium, Yersinia pestis. More reasonable is the guess that perhaps resistance to something like small pox (another viral disease) could be related to HIV resistance.

The mutable HIV is no more able to be eradicated than the influenza virus. The troubles are exacerbated since the period between infection and manifestation of symptoms is so long.

I "win" all the bets (over the last quarter century) with those who don't understand HIV, and expect a useful vaccine to be developed. People should resign themselves to the need for avoiding the virus by behavioral means.

Meet the latest pig who's getting locked up for willfully transmitting HIV to numerous sex partners. Philippe Padieu, of Dallas, Texas gets 45 years for infecting a total of six known victims. The charges are classified as 'assault with a deadly weapon'.

I don't suppose Philippe will get the usual number of "dates" in prison.........


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