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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who's on the Board of Notre Dame

In order to understand why Notre Dame is going to honor the most rabidly abortifacient politician ever to hold high office in the U.S., it helps to know the members of the Board of Directors.

Too many of them hold very close political ties to Obama, one of them, Ann Claire Williams (key in preventing enforcement of the partial birth abortion ban) is on the short list of Supreme Court nominees. Another is Mary Ann Fox, Vice chair of the National Science Board who recently announced the opening of another embryonic stem cell research facility.

It's a real cast of characters at odds with Catholic teaching, so Notre Dame can't be expected to reverse course in its decision to host the Obamanator at commencement.

The nature of Notre Dame has been revealed, and since it will lose support among its alumni, the University will need to dissociate itself from the Church, seek alignment with its new "messiah", Obama, and depend on him for sustenance.

For those who have been confused by media misrepresentations of Catholics' views on this controversy, look to the May 5 Rasmussen telephone poll. Seems that 60 percent of Catholics think that Notre Dame should not confer the honorary degree to Obama. Seems that only about half have been following the story to any significant degree.


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