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Monday, May 4, 2009

NIH asks for comments on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Rules

Here are mine:

I register protest to the use of my tax dollars for embryonic stem cell research. The limitations set forth in the Federal Register regarding the sources of embryonic stem cells do not address the main point of controversy.

Unlike former President Clinton and Dr. Sanjay Gupta (as demonstrated in their CNN interview: I understand the biological fact that a human embryo is a living human organism.

Human organisms should not be killed purposely and 'cannibalized' for research or medical uses.

The politicization of science has caused misdirection of funding and effort towards unethical research in an attempt to justify the common practice of killing humans early in development. There is a desire to pretend that something good could come out of the killing.

Embryonic stem cell research has failed to produce signs of medical usefulness. Transplanting the derivative cells results in tumor production. In contrast, the avenues of stem cell research which do not require destruction of human organisms have yielded considerable success.

I ask that my tax dollars not be wasted in futile attempts to justify the current practice of destroying very young humans gratuitously.

You can look at the summary of the rules, and comment Here.


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