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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Obamatrons Worried

Yes, team Obama is feeling concern over The One's personal security during his trip to Notre Dame to deliver the commencement speach. Seems that they are expecting he might come to harm from viewing the graphic abortion pics on display, and the fly-overs, as well as prolifers gathering there to protest the choice to honor him at Notre Dame.

I doubt that the light plane,dragging prolife signs, will be buzzing the town of South Bend as prominently as Air Force One buzzed New York, nor will it be carrying ordinance, but Obama is apparently receiving some advice not to show up at Notre Dame.

It's kind of amazing to cause the lefties so much anxiety without doing anything morally wrong, nor harming a hair on their fuzzy little heads. It's all good fun until Obama's handlers go paranoid like Chairman Mao or Josef Stalin, and start killing everyone who disagrees with them.


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