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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss California, dissed by gay Grand Dragon, Perez Hilton

I don't normally pay attention to beauty pageants, but this one has the metaphors banging heads. KKK, NAZI, STALINIST. I'll just reach out and pick a repressive regime.......

JA! VE should all be gooze stepping mit ze NAZI-like Perez Hilton! Any disagreement eez NOT Tolerated.

The 'queen of all media' (Ja he calls heemself that) has violent thoughts for Fraulein California (Carrie Prejean) who disagreed with heem on ze issue of Gay marriage.

ZO! Read this above link and laugh at ze buffoon Perez Hilton.

Und if you really vant to anger him, discuss ze possible medical consequences of ze activities azzosiated mit heez lifestyle in a social setting, zo as to educate zee masses.

Obama-care eez not going to effectively cover for such medical issues in zee future! Vake up call!



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