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Thursday, April 16, 2009

An appendage of GE needs to be amputated

The CEO of GE Jeffrey Immelt, and President of NBC, Jeff Zucker appear worried that their network might be seen as bashing Obama too much.

Yes, GE has many defense and government contracts to protect, and we know that Obamadems will try to tie these to corporate support for their U.S.-destroying policies.

Possibly the government business with GE outweighs the remainder of their business.
There could be a boycott to test this. Maybe the folks at GE could grow a brain and sell off the embarrassment that is NBC. (Wonder who would buy it....)

The least painful thing would be for the gangrenous NBC, as well as other mainstream media to continue towards their necrotic end. I feel a bit sad for the few employees at cNBC who have begun their connection to reality. They remain a tiny minority, and should use their current notoriety to job hunt now. Get a REAL JOB, bringing real news and info to the people.


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