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Saturday, April 11, 2009

This lady could be the Grandmother from Hell

A Dallas mom lost her son in a senseless street killing, but she was fast on her feet. She had a urologist collect testicular tissue for him so that he could posthumously bring forth grandchildren.

Mom says that her son was an "old soul" and had expressed his desire for children, even picking out favorite names.

Ethicists are in a quandary about this. Mind you, "ethicists" have no problem with KILLING THE UNBORN FOR TISSUE AND STEM CELLS, or even for sport, but they're all worried about the use of a sperm donation from a dead guy. Interesting priorities. Mind you, I think that sperm donation is a ethical problem which causes more problems than it would ever solve. But at least it has a more positive motivation than the above mentioned killing business , for which ethicists have been bending themselves into pretzel shape to provide justification.

Today's bioethicists are completely upside down and inside out. Why do people bother with them??

Practically speaking though, this Dallas lady would be so wrapped up in any grandchildren produced from her efforts, she'll drive the kids crazy.


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