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Friday, April 3, 2009

A bit of Racism with that Abortion

To long time, Pro life people, this is a bit of non-news, but the uninitiated probably would find some interest in the commentary.

Marie Stopes International, a London UK abortion facility has been beleaguered by investigations into its policies of practice, since the death of a 15 year old girl who received an abortion there. To compound this, there are accusations that anaesthesiologist Narendra Sharma engaged in sex activity with sedated patients, and an atmosphere of unprofessionalism and rampant racism. A former administrator at the facility, Andrea Blair has been giving the inside view at Court hearings in Manchester, England.

Those of us who have been dealing with the radical pro-abortion element, and who understand the character of founder, Margaret Sanger, see these new tales as just more of operations as usual.

A recent case of assault against abortion protestors has the Thomas More Law Center utilizing the hate crimes laws against an abortion clinic worker. It seems that an irate Kieth Sterkeson had some choice words for protesters Eric Nelson and Kevin Rilott, in addition to physically assaulting them, calling them 'faggot' and referring to Nelson as halfbreed, and referring to his Black ancestry using the the now Forbidden Word.

While I am fully in agreement with legal pursuit of Sterkeson for being unable to keep his hands to himself, the hate crime concept is just stupid and needs to be abandoned.

A crime is a crime, and the finer points of motivation need not be weighed when determining the penalty. Rather, I'm in favor of the existing video of Sterkeson being used to the fullest extent, as a window into the inherently racist/bigoted mind of the pro-abortion extremist.


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