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Monday, March 23, 2009

US District Court orders Plan B OTC for 17 year old girls

Once more establishing the view that girls are to be used for sex, but not reproduction, The U.S. district Court for Eastern New York has decreed that the FDA must reconsider its decision to limit over the counter availability of the morning after pill to adults (over 18). Availability to younger women as been by prescription, except in circumstances of the pills being purchased by adult men for minor girls.

While this court decision is not earth shattering, since pedophiles have been able to purchase the pills for girls whom they statutorily, or forcibly rape, it does serve to identify and reaffirm the perversion of the left wing, and its voracious appetite for sex with the pediatric population.

Lifenews reveals Judge Edward R. Korman
to be responsible for this court order that Plan B be made available to minors of 17 years almost immediately, while its distribution to younger girls is reconsidered.

Based on this, one wonders if Judge Korman has vested interest in the financial future of abortion providers, or if there are other interests of a more personal nature.

The actual science of the matter is that Plan B has been found to be less effective than any other hormonal birth control of prescription variety, also ranking below the effectiveness of condoms and somewhere near that of the withdrawal method. See the Plan B information for the health care provider. Look at the chart!

Ignoring the fact that Plan B has largely an interceptive (abortive of early embryos) mechanism, the drug is simply ineffective, and has been associated with an increase in demand for later term abortion interventions. While giving data to substantiate the preceding statement, this study explicitly concludes that Plan B distribution does not reduce demand for later abortions. Repeating once more... Plan B does not work well enough to be relied upon for birth control.

Continuing the current trajectory of "family planning", the distribution of birth control chemicals in the U.S. will soon be as unregulated as in the countries most known for the sex slave trade. It's reasonable to conclude that the left wing wants your underage offspring to be available for sex.

There is zero concern demonstrated for girls' emotional or physical health.

Are you going to support this with your votes? Are you going to continue to work hard to pay taxes for this?


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