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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG Charade on Capitol Hill

Members of both parties on capitol hill are participating in the scapegoating of AIG, in a totally bogus theater production. We're being played for patsies.

AIG got the first round of bailout money from the Bush bailout, and a second round from the Obama Pack of Pork. Recall that AIG really is a laundry for processing the payments to multitudinous banks, since AIG underwrote a huge number of loans gone bad.

Written into the Obama Pack of Pork by Chris Dodd is permission for AIG to honor all its preexisting contracts. This includes all the bonuses which have been the subject of the current B.S. theater production.

Obama is claiming to not have known about this little detail of his Pork Package.

Remember that this bill had to be passed on Friday, an Ohio senator had to be flown into DC that night to vote for it, then Obama took a three day weekend before he signed it on Tuesday.

Obama's teleprompter forgot about this, and told Obama to tell us that he was unaware of the AIG bonuses and the special permission written into the Pack of Pork for AIG to honor these preexisting contractual obligations ..... and that he is OUTRAGED!


This would be an argument for remembering to read a bill before signing it, but Obama doesn't have the intellect to digest this stuff. We'll see plenty more of the same charade.

Read this Washington Post article to see Dodd supposedly protesting the bonuses for which he had earlier written provisions.

Read about an Iowa senator, Charles Grassley (R) telling business executives (likely from profitable portions of AIG, who had fulfilled their contractual obligations) that they should commit suicide. He later explained that this was just rhetoric.

See Democrats proposing to tax or otherwise extort the bonuses from people who have earned them. Credit the tax cheat, Rep. Charles Rangel who has started this process.

See executives, in fear for their safety, after having been scapegoated by the government, give up their legally earned bonuses.

Dodd and Obama are the number one and number two recipients of AIG campaign fund payouts.

Obama is an incompetent, and disingenuous boob. Most of the members of our Congress are no better. We need to clean house in 2010. Join a TEA party today.


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