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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Father of Canadian Health Care admits it's a failure.

The Father of the Canadian socialized health care system, Claude Castonguay, has after 30 years, admitted that it's a failure. After years of sending their most critical cases to the United States to get timely treatment, his current prescription is to increase privatization.

For a single example, Ontario has sent at least 164 cases since 2006 to the U.S. for neurological cases needing emergency treatment, according to the above linked Investors Business Daily article.

Patients visiting northern U.S. hospitals speak of the high population of Canadians receiving treatment concurrently with them.

There is a Canadian industry which lines up U.S. physicians to give timely care to Canadians who have enough money.

As European countries and Canada consider returning to privatized medicine, Obama is plotting to give US increased socialization, that is: Failure Care.

It would reduce social security payouts, however.


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