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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why don't people want to work for the Obama administration?

Sanjay Gupta turned down an informal offer of the Surgeon General job from the Obama administration, citing family and professional reasons. Methinks that it has more to do with Dr. Gupta's ability to recognize a DEAD END when he sees one.

Neurosurgeon Gupta normally is seen as a pretty face on CNN and other media, discussing medical matters. Likely with the busy media career, he isn't doing much surgery anyway, but he cited an unwillingness to leave his practice and his family, with kid number three on the way.

In a different dept of the same cabinet...... Tax Cheat Timothy Geithner has received a rejection from Annette Nasereth, his choice for deputy treasury secretary. He's been criticised for the slow hiring of senior staff, and not having staff present at key meetings with legislators. Possibly people are reluctant to help enforce tax collection while working for a known tax cheat. The position of undersecretary for international affairs is also left unfilled as Geither also received a refusal from Caroline Atkinson.


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