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Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Time Mag and Washington Post Profits are waaay down.

I don't have to do the work...... Jill put together a nice piece on the pro abortion efforts to counteract the "fight FOCA" campaign.

Particularly featured are attacks on the Catholics for efforts to turn back this legislation, as well the above mentioned media denials that Obama has intentions to force Americans into complicity with his killing agenda.

FOCA is a bill which Obama cosponsored in his previous senatorial position. Attached to THIS ARTICLE is the video of Obama, speaking at a Planned Parenthood function, and promising to sign FOCA as one of his first presidential acts. Also linked is the media spin, which consists of FOCA denial. There's an attempt to erase the memory of legislation which the American public is obviously not ready to swallow even from the Obamanator.

Stay tuned for the alerts on FOCA fragments. Like the immigration reform which was rejected by the people during the last term of congress, The so called "freedom of choice act"..... (bringing us an increase in coerced abortions and complicity for all), will be cut up into smaller fragments and surreptitiously processed through the federal government apparatus.


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