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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oregon's Insane Health Rationing

For those of you who wanted socialized medicine so badly, think of how Oregon is managing it's State Healthcare program.

Oregon has always been front running in health care policy, with the first shining example being OMAP's initial plan to cut the coverage for end of life care down to a thousand bucks at the same time it initiated funding for physician assisted suicide.

Now a new list of priorities for rationing of government funds for health care puts abortion near the top of the list for treatment priority of funding, ahead of such things as treating ectopic pregnancy, STDs or infection and hemorrhage resulting from miscarraige. Abortion is also waaaaay out ahead of closed hip fractures and obstructive or strangulated hernias.

Happy socialized medicine, people. You just get in line behind that woman wanting an abortion, for the funding to fix your hernia or hemorrhage. Killing comes first in Oregon.


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