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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

South Dakota Defines Human Life

When the Roe V Wade Decision was made, the Supreme Court justices did not have the time (nor the intellectual ability ) to consult references in the field of embryology. This might have allowed them to understand when the life of a sexually reproducing organism begins. The Justices left that question up in the air (in their view) to justify the wholesale killing of humans early in development.

The North Dakota House has passed legislation recognizing the biological facts. This upends the Roe V Wade decision, by directly giving a legal answer (recognizing the biological one) concerning the beginning of human life, and it recognizes the most basic human right at the same time.

It will be interesting to see if the Senate kills this bill, or to watch the court battles if the bill survives.

All of the justification for abortion is based upon two political postures: 1) ignorance of biology, or 2) willingness to claim that one has the authority to determine which humans may be killed.

Increasingly the leftists are becoming more comfortable with number 2, once they weary of being trashed for number 1.


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