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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nurse Sonya Wernli exposes Dignitas as suicide for profit Machine

Soraya Wernli took a job with Dignitas, the back alley Euthanasia provider in Switzerland, originally in order to provide final care and comfort to those who chose suicide.

Still not opposed to assisted suicide, Nurse Wernli has become a fierce opponent of the Dignitas organization, due to her findings while on the job for two and a half years, ending in 2005. Among her first disappointments was finding that the owner, Ludwig Minelli, was routinely having the clients sign over their belongings to his organization, and was selling the items in pawn shops.

Minelli was also providing for double suicides, allowing for couples to kill themselves together. This practice is considered unethical by most of those who condone physician assisted suicide, and was one of the reasons for Wernli to spend her last 8 months of employment as a police informant. (The old practice of suttee comes to mind.) The final straw for this nurse, however, was a botched suicide leading to a 70 hour death process which left the victim thrashing and foaming at the mouth. The victim's family and Dignitas' owner wrangled, during this event and in the aftermath. It is apparent to many that an illegal, lethal injection on the premises was the final cause of death, though Minelli denies this.

A lengthy article in the Daily Mail
details some of Wernli's experiences. Four years after leaving Dignitas, and filing a number of lawsuits, she still waits for the slow wheels of Swiss "justice" to turn against Minelli, and close down his operations.

Ms. Wernli has begun writing a book entitled The Business with the Deadly Cocktails, billed as an expose of what she considers to be a "necessary" organization gone bad.

In actuality, there's no possibility for any of these killing organizations to be anything but bad. The results which Wernki has witnessed are to be expected, every time.



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