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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Anthony Horvath has had a personal test of his prolife convictions, when offered the option of aborting his daughter at 20 weeks after a diagnosis of spina bifida.

Horvath , a Christian apologist, advocates an increasingly popular mantra that hearts can be changed one at a time, with respect to this issue of killing unborn humans.

What he others need to remember is that after FOCA is passed, and after socialized medicine is put in place, the medical landscape will be forever altered. FOCA will force the participation of medical professionals and institutions in the practice of abortion. Those who refuse to kill humans will need to leave health care. This will leave everyone to deal with pro-abortion health care providers. In addition, the cost containment which occurs in all other countries with socialized medicine will also occur here in the U.S.

This means that people who are faced with an untoward prenatal diagnosis (usually means unborn baby with birth defects) will also be faced with the information that the government health care system cannot afford to cover treatment for the child.

That's very strong abortion coercion, people. Citzens of Canada, and the UK can tell you about this business, but you'd have to pry it out of most of them. You can hear more about it if you understand any Asian languages.


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