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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Tax Cheat in Obama's Cabinet

There are many reasons for suggesting that the moral imperative for contributing to the IRS has disappeared. Here are just a few.

For one, Obama will be spending our money on his personal holocaust, unlimited abortions and unregulated infanticides.

For two, Obama wishes for the military to pledge allegiance to him, not the American people.

For three, Obama has been appointing tax cheats to his Cabinet. Tom Daschle is the latest addition. He hasn't been counting his donated limo service as income for years. Because of his nomination, as head of Health and Human Services Daschle has decided suddenly to pay up.

If the big guys don't have to pay taxes, should you?
Note, that they aren't subjected to penalties for their malfeasance.

Are you motivated to go out, work those extra hours, pay big taxes for these fools to waste on their constituency?

Time to tell the IRS that you're taking a LOT of vacation this year.



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