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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Public Relations Problem for Kaiser Permanente

News from Wilmington, CA:

That well known HMO, casting its shadow over the Western US, (and foretelling what is to come with socialized medicine), has brought itself another public relations problem.

It seems managers at Kaiser Permanente indelicately handled the dismissal of two employees
, and an over-reaction to this lead to the murder of five children followed by suicide of the parents. Indications suggest that both parents were cooperating in this plan.

While it's not appropriate to blame good ol' Kaiser for this tragic event, and the terrible decision of the parents, a perusal of the initial story will indicate that the company deserves the negative public relations fallout, due to their poor interactions with the dismissed employees.

For example, when firing an employee, it is best not to suggest that he should have blown his brains out, even in an indirect manner. The employee might take the suggestion literally. This might cause negative repercussions, as in the current case of the Lupoe family.

My prediction from going over the news stories is that Kaiser Permanente is going to face some questions regarding adherence to HIPAA regulations.

This is sad, sad stuff.



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