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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama wants to Break his own rule

Obama promised more transparancy, and new restrictions on the access and use of lobbyists in his government.

The only problem is that he wanted to break his own rule, two days after announcing it. See, Obama wants to utilize a lobbyist (William Lynn) from defense contractor, Raytheon, as his deputy defense secretary. Yep. The guy has limited short term recall. He can't remember his own rules for even a week.

This is gonna be fun.

Congrats to CNN host Campbell Brown for daring to mention this. I wonder if she'll keep her job for long. Maybe she wil. It seems that CNN is hoping to survive the great boycott by mentioning Obama's name in vain a few times.

Newsbusters has identified another CNN's Howard Kurtz labeling MSNBC as the 'Obama Network':

"After some discussion, Kurtz hammered home the point:

"Wasn't he really saying, "If you like Barack Obama, this is the network to watch?"

Guest Amanda Carpenter of nodded her head, smiled, and said, "Right."

Kurtz replied: "Okay, well then I just want to be clear about it, because MSNBC denies that it has moved to the left, and I think the evidence is pretty strong."



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