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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Recycling Guantanamo Detainees to Al-Qaeda

OK, I've got it now.... Obama thinks this is a video game. He knows that the guys let loose from Guantanamo Bay prison have been going back to their old terrorist buddies, but I bet he likes that. Just like a video game, just reset it and play again.

These two guys, Abu Sufyan al-Azdi al-Shahri, and Abu al-Hareth Muhammad al-Oufi, released from Guantanamo are out there, starring in cool Al-Quaeda movies for us to watch. Isn't that da BOMB!! In fact, it seems, so far that 11 percent of those released from Guantanamo are known to be back in the terrorist game. YAAAA, Obama. Yes we CAN, do it all again. Let em ALL loose. Reset the video game and play again (with our soldier's lives). What the hell, if Obama thinks it's OK to blow away newborns and unborns by the millions, what's the big deal about wasting a few thousand soldiers??


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