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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Raccoon- Shame to Waste!

This story is more fun than Obama's new pick for Treasury secretary, who apparently does not know how to file his taxes, nor what to do when the IRS informs him about his oversight.

On to Raccoon, the latest culinary rage...

If you need a little more excitement in your life than venison, and don't mind soaking your meat in brine overnight, boiling it forever, then putting it out on the barbie, you might like raccoon.

Get the animals which have been trapped, however. Forget the road kill. Squishing the guts and scent glands won't be good for the flavor of the meat.

The author of the reference, linked above, quotes assurances that the meat is healthy, and that the problem of raccoons being a reservoir for rabies is an isolated East Coast phenomenon.

As far as game goes, it seems that raccoon carcasses are fairly reasonable in price. One must be tolerant of the single remaining paw on the body, left as proof that it's not a cat or dog.

This author really appreciated the cooking tips, since we have an over-abundance of raccoon Down on the Pharm. I'm needing good recipes for possum too, which exist here- in equal proportion to the raccoon.

Comments or advice?


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