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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mom who killed baby girl is allowed partial custody of the twin brother.

Yes, Canada's demented child welfare and justice system allows this woman to be with this defenseless infant three days per week, AFTER she KILLED his SISTER. The U.S. system really is not reliably different.

If you are normal, this will cause nausea: The "mom" delivered a little girl, cut the cord, stuffed her into a plastic bag and left the baby to die in the trunk of her car. She then went to the hospital three days later with abdominal pain and delivered the girl's twin brother there. The docs discovered a second cord connection on the placenta. This induced a search for the missing sibling which revealed the dead baby girl curled in a bag in the trunk of "mom's" car.

Another blogger is noting that selective reduction of siblings in the womb (killing one or more of multiple human fetuses) is fine, according to the law.
Perhaps the court sees this fact and finds that it's OK for the little baby boy to be left with the mother who murdered his sister.

Fortunately this blogger and the reporter who submitted the story are sufficiently shocked for me to know that some normal people remain in Canada.



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