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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Prospective Secretary of Treasury - dodging taxes

Here's a little more from Bloomberg regarding the failure of Timothy Geithner, (Obama's pick for Secretary of the Treasury) to properly file and pay his taxes.

You'll have no chance of seeing this in the general media, so grab it up and pass it on. The rules which apply to us are not applicable to those chosen to lead us. They simply have no respect for the rule of law.

Trying to squeeze out of as many taxes as possible is good sport, and expected of the business-savvy types. But once the IRS tells them they've come up short, the usual American businessman would cough up the money. But not Timothy Geithner. He's above the rest of us. He didn't cover the full sum of social security taxes until he was aware of being picked for Obama's cabinet.

Going over his taxes further reveals some more irregularities, and Tom Blumer of News Busters and Bizzy Blog gives a readable analysis. Apparently Geithner deducted from his taxes for overnight summercamp, which does not fall under the child care tax credit. When warned of this by his accountant, he refused to make amendments. In addition he failed to pay the tax penalty on retirement funds which he withdrew. (Why would this 'highly skilled financier' need to dip into his retirement funds??) Answer: he isn't really that good.

Yep, Obama's got another dud, a shining example for whom the usual laws and penalties do not apply, which will further demotivate independent American businessmen from full participation in IRS festivities every April 15th. (Review, for comparison, the social fallout from the Clinton/Lewinski sex education program.)


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