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Monday, January 26, 2009

Pelosi at odds with Japanese company

Speaker of the House, Pelosi, is being roundly castigated for her statement in a Stephanopoulos interview that contraception is needed to cut costs in this declining economy. Remember that for the Democrats, any method is OK for reducing the number of children who require government assistance: birth control, abortion, and our new president has supported the practice of infanticide in his home state.

Pelosi is convinced that the government cannot support the children of this class of dependent people who supported Obama.
It's necessary to make these people stop having babies. Killing off 50 percent of Black Babies in the U.S. is not enough. There needs to be further injection of federal funds (your tax dollars) into the family planning (abortion) industry. While the average age of Americans at death has risen to 78, Pelosi wishes to cut out the basis of the ponzi social security plan, by reducing the number of young people.

Japan, now having only 1.34 kids per couple has figured out that cutting births is not helping their economy. For years, the various governmental bodies have been providing financial incentives for making babies. Now the private industry is offering assistance, with Canon now sending its workers home early (5:30 pm) for two days a week, for the express purpose of being with their families (i.e., MAKING BABIES).

Is Nancy Pelosi crazy? Absolutely.

There's a possibility that even some democrats realize this, as they're thinking of dropping crazy birth control funding from the stimulus package.



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