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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update on the Octuplets

This is rich, and it isn't going to look good for the fertility docs in California.

The Octuplets' mom already had six kids, all produced by invitro fertilization. Mom decided to have the rest of her embryos implanted. They all survived. She refused selective reduction, (killing some of the babies, which is frequently in these kinds of cases).

The Mom is 33, never married, lives with parents, and her mother is said to have filed for bankruptcy last March.

When asked by an associate how she could afford all those invitro procedures, the mom said that she was being paid for them, according to this AP story.

Your friendly Pharmer has suspicions about this woman's physicians' decision to implant the large number of embryos, and therest of the medical personnel involved. Comment will be withheld until the rest of the story unfolds.

Stay tuned to what appears to be an ongoing medical experiment, on a very durable female. It will be interesting to learn who is the source of funding.



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