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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nero Obama kills Bush Order for Adult Stem Cell Research

Hidden from public view is the fact that Nero Obama (yes, that's his new nic) has killed an executive order of President Bush to push for more adult stem cell research. As the results show, adult stem cell research has yielded treatments, and embryonic stem cell research has yielded tumors.

Obama, however has such an extreme attachment to killing humans early in development, that he has overturned the Bush order to stop tax funding of creating and killing new humans for research. His psychotic need for vengeance against those who refuse to participate in his killing agenda has caused him to stop support for the research which works, and which does not destroy human life.

Follow THIS LINK to the action of obama, and look at the last line, which shows revocation of Bush's executive support of ADULT stem cell research. This is the part you will not hear in the mainstream media. It should serve as additional evidence that you are wasting time if you rely on the television networks or the AP for coverage of the news.

Nero Obama is an extremely sick guy.


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