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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Leftgrrrrrrrrls manifesto of women's rights

I was looking at some commentary regarding Hillary's shiny new Margaret Sanger Award, and wondered: 'Who would want such a thing???'.

Leftist whackjobs, that's who.

Regarding Hillary's comments about women's Rights, I compiled a quick list of some new "rights" that leftists have assigned to us.

Leftistgrrrrl Manifesto of Women's "Rights"

1) Women have the "right" to be sexually molested prior to, during, and shortly after puberty.

2) Women have the "right" to be given the morning after pill (or other chemical abortifacient) without their knowledge by the direct provider of above mentioned "right" number 1.

3)Women have the "right" at any age to be told that they should abort their child if they are raped, or molested.

4)Women have the "right" to recieve birth control drugs containing hormones listed by WHO as carcinogenic, and which now must be packaged with safe handling labels.

5)Women have the"right" to be lied to about the mechanisms and side effects of drugs mentioned in #4.

6)Women have the "right" to bear the brunt of the burden of bodily alteration through hormone use, as their partners most often refuse to assume such responsibilities

7) Women have the"right" to be told that they should abort their child if it has untoward fetal diagnosis (likely to have a disability).

8) Women in socialized medicine systems have the "right" to be forced to abort if they have too many kids, or in the case of untoward fetal diagnosis.

9)Women of school age have the "right" to be given drugs at their schools, or to be driven to get an abortion by school counselors without parental consent.

10)Women have the "right" to be used as a sex toy by perverted old politicians and judges, (and those who pay them off), and found dead after the usefulness has diminished.

I bet you can identify many more.


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