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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, and yes Gingrich is Catholic now

Happy Easter !

And the news of two weeks ago that Newt Gingrich "snuck" into the Church at a private ceremony (at St Joseph's on Capitol Hill) on March 30, rather than coming in with the crowds at the Easter Vigil Mass.

Some people think that the religious conversion is a strategy for a run for president. That is stupid. Being Catholic won't help him a bit for political purposes. Might help him in some other way.....

But ol Newt did have some stuff to say about Notre Dame hosting Obamanator for commencement. Gingrich thinks that prolifers ought to have their own little tea parties at the same time as Notre Dame commencement, to discuss the Obama policies and what to do about them.

Newt got religion. It'll be interesting to see his output in the coming years.

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