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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Specter loses rank

It appears that Specter was relying on the Democrats (per a promise from Harry Reid) to retain his rank and seniority as a senator.

This was not to be, as Reid announced a reduction of Specter to more junior status in most of the committees in which he serves.

This might be blamed on Specters comments concerning the contested Minnesota senate race, and the fact that Specter is not agreeing with the party line on every single issue.

concludes that Specter seems to have been betrayed by the party which seduced him.

This author hopes that Specter formally remains a democrat, however. There's too much advantage conferred on republicans by losing this guy.

What a way to conclude a career, Arlen!

Oh, did I mention? It appears that according to current rules, the republicans could actually filibuster all the judicial nominees of Obama, within the judiciary committee........ at least for now. Do you think they have the necessary gonadal fortitude for this?


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