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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Here's a bit of what happens in the spring down on the Pharm:

There's a jungle of tomato plants in the greenhouse, blooming like mad.

All the corn is planted. That would be silver queen, early sunglow and kandy corn.

The beans are up... specifically KY wonder pole beans. By comparison, blue lake variety looks like limp plastic, tastes bland, and is of appropriate character for a mechanical soft diet.

Theres an early Chinese garden going....... snow peas and baby bok choy.

We are expecting massive quantities of cucumbers, some hybrid sweet variety and straight eight.

There is an entire plot dedicated to peppers, Big Bertha, some California varieties, green, red and yellow, Jalapenos, habaneros, and various chili peppers. We are number 10 hot and spicy, and well equipped to produce this feeling throughout the full extent of the GI tract.

More planting yet to come, lotta squash, melon, collards, okra, more lettuce and salad fixings. Almost forgot our latest experiment: potato tower. We never did taters around here, but I thought the vertical method might be fun to try.

By this means, we commit our kids to a summer of hard labor to keep them out of trouble.

Each year the medicinal and culinary herbs arrive in what passes for our landscaping. Ours doesn't look too orderly , but it smells terrific. Notice to the DEA, we are NOT growing Cannabis sativa, though I know, from tending federally authorized weed at a large university, that this plant would look terrific next to the cathouse behind the little pond. There's my argument in favor of decriminalization ;-)


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