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Monday, June 1, 2009

Abortionist George Tiller Deprived of His Chance to Repent

There are two practical problems that I have with George Tiller becoming a very late term abortion victim.

Number one, my religion forbids purposeful, willful killing at any stage of development. If I were more tolerant of other beliefs, that murdering some humans is OK, maybe this method of causing Tiller's retirement would not be a problem. But I haven't developed this kind of respect for other people's "choice" to kill.

Number two, Tiller has been deprived of his chance to repent. Reformed abortionists save not only themselves, but have also been observed to save lives of others after they repudiate the practice of killing humans prior to, during, and shortly after birth.

It appears from the outcry, that the leftists consider Tiller to be one of those rare humans whom they find far too valuable to be killed. There are not too many other murders which would incite such a negative response from them.

I note that the killings of abortionists ceased in the United States during the Bush terms. The last three killings were during the Clinton administration. Perhaps the feeling of hope that certain injustices could be ended by lawful means had quieted the urge for vengeance felt by some who have been damaged by abortion.

There is unfortunately a severe reduction in that hope since the government has become occupied by pro abortion extremists. In this circumstance, further violence coming from those who have lost their Faith, would not be a huge surprise.

Pro abortion leftists are the kind who blame religions for the failure of people to adhere to the religious precepts. Likewise, such irrational people will blame those who oppose killing, for the killing of Tiller. Count on this.


Blogger one4life said...

First ,I wish to state in no uncertain terms that I condemn taking the law into one's own hands as occurred in the killing of Tiller on Sunday morning; it also runs contrary to sacred Scriptures which clearly mandates that final judgment of the Nations rests with God and God alone. However, I must not allow this unlawful killing to trivialize the severity of what Tiller did during the last 35 years of his life. In short he was a savage killer. On an almost daily basis he willfully and without any remorse, brutally slaughtered and dismembered tens of thousands of our most defenseless, innocent human beings. He even went so far as to mock their inherent value by offering “free” abortions on the Anniversary of Roe. v. Wade a few years back. I will never understand how such a man could consciously enter a house of worship every Sunday, receive God's good gifts of Word and Sacrament, and the very next day return to committing and very much promoting a relentless culture of death, a blatant violation of God's Holy law. Our only hope is that in his final minutes of life, he TRULY repented of his unspeakable sins (not the phony repentance that the ELCA frequently advocates) and received the forgiveness that brings eternal life. It is no surprise that in a society that sanctions (and even promotes) first degree murder of pre-born children that abortionists (and other groups of people) have been gunned down.

June 3, 2009 at 7:11 PM  

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