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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Get Back to Work

Continuing on...... Prolifers haven't issued apologies for those seven murders in Chicago, nor the murder and assault at the Arkansas recruitment center. Nor did they
stop to PUBLICLY call down God's special blessing on each victim of violence, by name, nor issue press releases thereof.

It's time for Prolifers to stop groveling, apologizing for a crime they didn't commit just because the victim happens to be the Second Most Favored One of Leftists, and get back to work. Remember, Bush's order to fund the ethical forms of stem cell research was overturned simply out of spite. You KNOW all those crisis pregnancy centers are going to face harassment by the government, and they need extra support from us.

I see the grass roots getting down to work. Time for the leaders to stop worrying about what Obama would think and return to business as usual.


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