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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Conservatives are more easily Disgusted


Read this article in the Washington times
....... "Psychologists" are trying to connect the conservative approach to life with a supposed emotional aversion to strange or questionable things.

I unload as follows:

It's obvious that such stooopid "studies" are undertaken by liberals. Also it's difficult to imagine that anything current in the field of psychology could be done with sufficient rigor to warrant the name "study".

Liberals (*the term designates leftists here*) will waste money to "study" the obvious, and, using their hallmark bad judgment, draw inappropriate conclusions.

Avoidance behavior or fastidiousness concerning obvious sources of infection has more to do with awareness and desire for self preservation than emotion.

Most of what is under the umbrella of moral values involves behavior which enhances personal and societal survival.

The conservative personality will express the survival instinct by sticking with the tried and true - that which is known to permit or enhance survival, rather than trying the first, new, untested thing which is encountered.

Interestingly the "investigators" decided to bring in the issue of aversion to gay sex. I encourage a search of the old medical term "gay bowel syndrome" to gain an appreciation of the physical reasons underlying certain aversion responses.

Conservatives have less propensity to quickly undertake risk. It has to be analyzed and evaluated first.

Conservatives exhibit much more ability to do the math for this purpose.

Liberals should give thanks to the Creator that Conservatives generally exhibit an ETHICAL aversion towards killing members of the same species.

>In all aspects, the collective survival of liberals is contingent upon the presence of conservatives. If only they had enough sense to understand this.


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