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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't Worry, She'll Wash Out

In the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, third year med student, Rozalyn Farmer Love tells us why she would like to emulate George Tiller

Brainwashed in college by her women's studies courses and feel good psychology, she now feels ready to "help" women by chopping up their late term unborn babies. She wouldn't want anyone bearing the burden of a disabled kid, for example.

Not to Worry..... Rozalyn is a future washout. Reading her commentary, you KNOW she won't make it through her own first procedure chopping up a late term human fetus. So many medical professionals choose their practice to dodge the ER and codes, because they're gross. (Yes, Pharmer gets to attend codes.)

Roz can't even stand up to her own parents regarding this issue of killing unborn kids, and I quote.....

"For the most part, I don’t talk to my parents about those beliefs. They already feel as though I’ve turned my back on much of what they taught me because my husband and I bought a house and lived together for a few months before we were married. Two and a half years later, that rift isn’t fully healed. I know that my views on reproductive rights would be another blow."

How is she going to address this issue with a generally disapproving public? How is she going to reach in there grab a kid and hack her up? By what procedure is she going to snuff out a born alive baby, the medical neglect method or the fast way? It's a thing which has to be done at those clinics and hospitals, you know.

You might want to archive the name Rozalyn Farmer Love , add MD, and google her in about six or seven years. A lot of these 'med students for choice' are blowhards, and they wash out as they face up to the reality of cutting up babies for a living and the social ostracism. That's why we don't have that many abortionists hard at work.

This creature will resign herself to a career of sloppy medicine, (injurious to the health of women) and chemical abortions. This has become the status quo of practice among the younger ob-gyns, with a minority of marked and shining exceptions.


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