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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Congresswoman Will NOT Supply Acorn with Personal Data

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann says she won't give any more info on the census than the number of people in her house.

Her concerns are about the intrusiveness of the census questions. In addition, the fraudulent Acorn operation of gangsters is, to a large degree, administering the collection of information.

She's been informed of the unconstitutional regulation which threatens a fine of $5000 dollars to anyone who refuses to answer any census question.

In the last census, there were two different forms. One asked basic questions and the other essentially gave you and your family a verbal colonoscopy.

If this same situation exists again, remember that the post office will have the shortest census form. That the mail fails to deliver the long form to you is simply not your problem.

Or, you can do as many real Americans will do........ protest the fraud-to-be, 2010 census, by refusing to cooperate.


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