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Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Changing my Bumper Sticker

Since the Palins were not rich, and since they could not accept outside income, as liberal politicians can, they simply could not afford to field lawyers to answer the frivolous lawsuits.

Knowing this, the leftists used this method to force Palin to resign. There will need to be legal changes to allow those who are not extremely rich to occupy public office. The conservatives should make this issue a political priority. Filing copious lawsuits against the lowest income liberal governors and representatives would aid in getting democrat cooperation to limit the profitability of lawsuits against public officials.

After a short time as a private citizen, Palin will have a sufficient $ war chest $ to hold public office in the future.

As a private citizen, Palin will wield more influence, amass more wealth, have ability to sue those who publish libel, and this is causing the liberal hysteria to reach fever pitch.

The people who make America work require representation.

A couple of weeks after Obama won the election, I affixed a Palin 2012 bumper sticker to my car and it will stay there. She's the "MOST NORMAL" person put forth on the national political scene in decades.

Post date of bumper stickers, which I purchased immediately after the election was 11/20/09, and I decorated my car as soon as I got them. Here's where to get your own Palin 2012 sticker.


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